Nasty Nestor Chokes Out Gordon Keith

by DP on January 30, 2009 · 21 comments

Nasty Nestor Jailbait

Nasty Nestor Jailbait

Apologies for the site being up and down all day, the Nasty Nestor incident flooded us with traffic constantly crashing our server.

Oh fun. Oh fun. Gordon tries to make peace with that dumbass Nasty Nestor and guess what he does? He launches up and chokes Gordon!

What a fucking douche bag. There’s a reason why no one likes him. Here’s a few examples on

Now that we’re done showing all of our Nasty Nestor posts here, let’s get to the good stuff! Here is the audio from Nasty Nestor choking Gordon Keith today at Media Row at the Super Bowl.

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Gordon has the video compliments of You can read more over at his blog as I’m sure he’ll have more info sooner. To save you a click, i’ve embedded the video here

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