Ticket Shows – 2.13.15 + 2.14.15

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  1. Anthony
    February 19, 2015 09:20 Reply

    Hey UnTicket. You’ve taken something really awesome, and turned it into a big pile of crap. This new format sucks. iAnything blows, and you’ve gone from a really user friendly way of listening to previously run shows and content to something that is hit or miss (mostly miss). This new things looks a little better, but isn’t. I click on stuff and most of the time it just takes me to anohter page that does nothing. When it does work, it takes forever to load the CrapTime video/audio player, which has no funtion other then play or pause. Oh well. It’s free. Can’t complain too much. But something that use to be really cool isn’t any longer.

    • sportsgreek
      February 20, 2015 01:21 Reply

      Please elaborate. If you’re referring to the “ticket shows” posts you need to ‘right click>save as’ for each show as the download button doesn’t work for those files. If you’re trying to stream full shows on a phone it’s better to go with usaveit. The player is much better, but nice things cost money. As for everything else on the site it all works the same for me as it always has. I wasn’t able to duplicate your experience. Just re-listened to the cowboy computer from a few years ago without issue. It was great then and it’s great now.

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