White Elephant Draw


White Elephant Day

The white elephant day draw took place today, and here were the results:

Morning Drive:
Host #1: Dan McDowell
Host #2: George Dunham
AM Yuk Monkey: Norm Hitzges
Ticker: Ty Walker
Producer: Tom Gribble

10-Noon Slot:
Host: Sean Bass
Ticker: Corby Davidson
Producer: Mike Fernandez

Noon-3 Slot:
Host #1: Junior Miller
Host #2: Rich Phillips
Ticker: Corby Davidson
Producer: Danny Balis

Afternoon Drive:
Host #1: Mike Rhyner
Host #2: Gordon Keith
Yuk Monkey: Bob Sturm
Ticker: Donovan Lewis
Producer: Mike Sirois

TWIST: Everyone has to do at least one hour of tickers! What does that mean? No clue…listen below to find out.

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My thoughts?

  • Jeremy and Grubes get screwed because they don’t get to move.
  • Rhynes & Jub-Jub get to stay in their slots?
  • Producers don’t go on air?
  • Ty Walker does tickers?

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  1. you
    December 01, 2010 14:17 Reply

    Better than last year. When was Gordo doing Tickers last? Those were good times.

  2. p1kb
    December 01, 2010 14:46 Reply

    Dan on the am drive is going to SUCK!

    Wait, Dan Norm on the am drive could result in an on-air fight goodness.

    Speaking of on air fights, in this corner two old sports guys, the old grey wolf and the Sturminator in the other corner two yuk monkies gordon’s penile implant and Donnie Do! That has potential to be e-break gold

  3. uhh ohh
    December 01, 2010 16:59 Reply

    I think that Musers really did what they wanted to do with the draw since no management was present. Since they have “ticketTube”, they could have recorded it to upload too.

    Honestly, they should have just postponed it until management could do the draw. I also think this should be done on a Friday so that there could be more preparation for it and Hardline staff has time to recover if they had to work morning drive.

  4. Buffalo Printer
    December 02, 2010 13:09 Reply

    I’m still not convinced this is actually drawn at random. It’s too well organized…

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