Where’s Greggo? On the Hunt for Hamboctober.

The latest reports seem to be that our beloved Hammer headed to the mountains, “rocky mountain high?”, to look for jobs up in Denver. That’s a great idea I think. Get the hell outta dodge. Plus what a perfect place to go. A place with a scenery!

The latest picture of Greggo we have been provided with shows him going incognito, a bit. He’s also going by the name of Greg Earl Williams:
(The Hammearl ?)

Greg Earl Williams

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  1. Doanwanna Poopoo
    March 04, 2008 11:15 Reply

    PS. If anyone has any news, please report to theunticket on Earl’s whereabouts.

  2. Jerusalem Jackson
    March 04, 2008 11:15 Reply

    is that John Stossel’s mustache??

  3. Luke
    April 04, 2008 15:29 Reply

    I heard Greggo talking Rangers with Jody Dean on K-LUV Wednesday. It was horrible.

    • Doanwanna Poopoo
      April 04, 2008 15:50 Reply

      Do you know if he is doing a regular show with them Luke? We might need to record some KLUV Hammer.

      What time did you hear him?

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