TuneIn Radio – iPhone Streaming Option

I have had little to no problems with FStream since recommending it for streaming The Ticket on your iPhone.
But, I am always looking for new tech. Today a program, TuneIn Radio went on sale in the app store for 99 cents. Being too cheap to pay for WunderRadio, I thought why not give TuneIn Radio a try?

TuneIn has been purchased by RadioTime (a Dallas-based company).

I downloaded the app and it asked to use my location. Once I allowed that I was given a screen to browse for the station I wanted to listen to.

I chose RadioTime Sports from the menu. (RadioTime also happens to be a Dallas based company)

Once you choose The Ticket you will be taken to the live stream page.

This is where the fun begins. You can scrub through the audio once a little buffer builds up. Notice the rewind in the bottom left corner. It will just you back in 10 second increments. You can also pause the audio and jump back to the beginning of the buffer or to the end of the buffer. Pressing the “record” button will start recording the stream from the beginning of the buffer. The “options” button on the bottom right gives you access to a few station specific options.

You will notice on this page options for scheduling recordings.

The app also supports multitasking. This means you can run it on your phone and do other things at the same time.
My suggestion? Get to the check cashing place and pony up for this 99 cent app.



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  1. Michael Zimmerman
    August 27, 2010 14:58 Reply

    I’ve been using tunein radio for a while now on my original iphone. I’ve always loved it, the ability to pause and record is so useful. I use it all the time if I have to get out of the car real quick; I’ll just load it on my phone then pause, and when I get back to the car I’ll resume it. Now that I just got my iPhone 4, the multitasking makes it one of the most essential apps (for p1’s at least) available.

  2. August 27, 2010 15:45 Reply

    BabyArm…I was planning on doing a post about this exact thing once I got my computer back to life! I absolutely love Tunein Radio. I was waiting to chat with the developers first to see if exporting the audio was an option. Unfortunately they have no plans to add an export option. They said there might be some sort of issue with Apple and the export option.

    I’m still looking at other options to be able to export. Although, most people that use it won’t care about the export option.

    Listen to BabyArm, this app is sheer genius. Setup scheduled recordings for your favorite segments each day and no need to be tuned in at that exact time…listen to them when you can on your iPhoneG!

  3. Jon G
    August 27, 2010 21:33 Reply


    I’ve been using FStream as well to stream Ticket goodness. Didn’t know there was a better option. I just bought this 30 seconds ago based on this post and am already amazed at the wide variety of stations, overall interface/ease-of-use, dynamic information (e.g. tells you which show is on) and record/rewind ability.

    Might be my new favorite app, this is awesome, thanks for the post.

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