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Recent stream url has changed again. To get your custom URL working again, update the url with the one provided below. Be sure to use EXACT capitalization as you see below.

@P1BradC also said you can add a custom url in Tunein, since the Ticket is removed and save that custom url as your new ticket station. Big thanks for the tips to @P1BradC!


If the one above will not work, might try this one:


There still hasn’t been any sort of fix with tunein for you guys, sorry, but P1 Gary sent this in so maybe it’ll help some of you to at least listen:
Not sure if this is more work than most people want to do but I have the Droid Bionic with Verizon.

First you will need to download the VLC media player. I don't think its in Google Play yet but you can get it here:


(note: this is still in beta so YMMV)

Once this is downloaded and installed open VLC and locate the button near the top right that looks like an arrow pointing to a dot.

Click on that button.

That should do it.

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If you are having trouble getting a good stream of the Ticket on your iPhone you can use this super simple app, now on sale for just 99 cents. You will be streaming the little Ticket in no time.

Get it in iTunes

Get in Android Marketplace (Thanks @guapozx, @sjurrens)

Other Notable Apps

One of the pricier apps is Wunder Radio at $6.99.

Then you can go at it for free with FStream.

Another one some people have suggested is ooTunes Radio but it clocks in at $4.99.

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  1. December 19, 2012 15:55 Reply

    @Schonn’s instructions work for me on the TuneIn Radio app, but not on the TuneIn Radio *Pro* app. Has anyone been able to get it working on the latter?

  2. January 28, 2013 17:44 Reply

    works fine on my iphone, but not on my ipad… anyone else run into this? It used to work on the ipad.

  3. Cory
    January 30, 2013 12:52 Reply

    wasn’t working for me with tunein but now the stream is working with tunein radio pro

  4. alpofreely
    February 04, 2013 14:13 Reply

    STREAMING WORKAROUND: If you install the Chrome browser, you can use the link referenced above and stream directly in the browser, just go to the url, wait a few seconds to buffer… you may also need to leave it open (don’t force lock your phone).

    HTC One

  5. @JasonDFW
    February 26, 2013 19:16 Reply

    FINALLY got it working in TuneIn Pro on Android. I’ve been trying since the IFartRadio switch. Pasting the streaming URL in the Android app doesn’t work.

    This is just for folks like me that like TuneIn better than IHeartRadio on Android. I’ve been forced to use IHeartRadio for months now, and it works okay, but I like the TuneIn app better and it has the record function in it (not that we need this now, thanks to the little UnTicket)

    1) Sign up for a TuneIn account in the app or http://www.tunein.com
    2) Click on Favorites at the top, then “+Custom URL” at the bottom (bottom)
    3) Give your stream a good-strong name, then paste in the URL (http://4713.live.streamtheworld.com/KTCKAM.mp3)
    4) The custom URL you added on TuneIn’s website should now sync to your Android app and give you glorious P1 status without the stupid iHeartRadio app.

    The downside: This appears to stream in 48k, so the quality isn’t that great (a Cumulus station).

  6. Pope
    March 05, 2013 08:30 Reply

    As of this morning the stream isn’t working for me anymore on TuneIn Radio. I thought it might just be that the stream itself was down. When that happens, neither TuneIn nor iHeart Radio work, but this morning the iHeart Radio was working but not TuneIn. I keep getting the error “An unknown stream error occurred.”

    Anybody else having this problem?

    • Matt
      March 05, 2013 11:45 Reply

      I’m having the same problem today. It was working fine yesterday but this morning, I get the same error.

    • bowabowa
      March 05, 2013 12:04 Reply

      Yep, having the same problem. Having to use iHeart today.

  7. rstorm
    March 05, 2013 14:24 Reply

    Thanks for the stream update (for TuneIN) today. I was flustered trying to figure this out since last night. As I expected, theunticket was on top of things.

    • kkitt
      March 05, 2013 15:44 Reply

      I can’t get the stream to work on Tune In. Anyone else having issues?

      • March 05, 2013 15:48 Reply

        did you update it with the updated stream url listed above?

  8. Jason Markoff
    March 05, 2013 15:30 Reply

    Awesone, thanks for the update

  9. kkitt
    March 05, 2013 15:44 Reply

    the new stream, that is

  10. Johnny Ebrake
    March 06, 2013 09:25 Reply

    Thanks to the UNTICKET and all the P1’s who were on top of this to get it corrected….hate using IHeartRadio app since I cannot pause it or rewind!

  11. Ticket/TuneIn P1 Jessie
    March 06, 2013 09:44 Reply

    Thanks for the update!

  12. Sicily P1
    March 06, 2013 12:40 Reply

    The TuneIn custom stream “4713” stopped working for me yesterday. I tried this one today with my TuneIn app on my iPhone and it works again:

  13. Jay
    May 13, 2013 13:01 Reply

    Also this url works for me on TuneIn:

  14. James
    June 19, 2013 15:53 Reply

    How do you create a custom url on tunein? I just downloaded the app since iheartradio never works but don’t see where you can add a custom url as suggested above.

    • June 19, 2013 16:34 Reply

      Updating post to show process.

    • texasjefe@gmail.com
      June 19, 2013 17:16 Reply

      Regarding the stopped podcasts, while i do not know the detail, the problem is that a “patent troll” is winning its lawsuits against podcasters.

      The Ticket podcasts on tunein are fed through I-tunes. So, it is I-Tunes that stopped updating the podcasts.

      Someone has a claim that they have a patent on podcasts, and they are winning suits against major corporations that podcasts. So, I-Tunes and Apple as usual are protecting their bottom line rather than have to risk a suit or paying their lawyers to fight or defend it.

      I know the Electronic Frontier Foundation is fighting against the patent troll, so I am sure their is more info at the EFF website.

      The new question is how to get the podcast audio from the ticket website to play over the phone.

      • James
        June 19, 2013 17:31 Reply

        Thanks for the update. That sucks big time.

  15. James
    June 19, 2013 15:58 Reply

    This is off topic, but does anyone know what happened to the podcasts on itunes? They haven’t been updated in like a month. I know there are new ones on the ticket.com but I don’t know how to get those onto my iphone so I can listen in my car.

  16. James
    June 26, 2013 13:58 Reply

    Am I the only person who downloaded TuneIn but can’t create a custom URL? Even on the favorites tab there is no option to add a custom URL. I contacted their support and they asked if I was logged in. After replying that I was, they have stopped answering my questions. Anyone able to help? I’m a P1 in Houston going through withdrawals without my Ticket. I tried iHeartradio and it worked great on my Android but since switching to an iPhone it doesn’t work at all.

  17. June 27, 2013 16:36 Reply

    Hey Guys, I went ahead and embedded the mp3 stream into a player – should work in the player on pretty much anything that either has flash installed or devices that decode mp3 – this is almost everything – give it a try:


    I don’t have ads or anything weird, just a player that works (jwplayer) – this is a service to the good strong, from a fellow p1.

  18. Tim Carpenter
    September 08, 2013 10:24 Reply

    Does anybody have the Granada Theater commercials that they only play on stream? They are completely insane. I really thought the Minus the Bear ad was a bit the first time I heard it.

  19. cactusflinthead
    March 19, 2014 21:24 Reply

    Is there a working program for TuneIn and Android? I tried the nightlies link which gives me the dreaded 404. Getting kind of tired of ifart and sportsday.

    Did the patent troll go away or are they still being a pest?

  20. Norm's Dried E
    July 18, 2014 09:17 Reply

    Is the http://8323.live.streamtheworld.com/KTCKAM.mp3 url/link/server broken today?

    • July 18, 2014 10:34 Reply

      It’s not broken, Tunein did an update and isn’t saving the custom url. You have to put it in each time you start tunein.

      • Norm's Dried E
        July 20, 2014 00:42 Reply

        That really is super gay! I assume it wasn’t an iOS app update because the app was updated to 6.2 on 5-29-14. My issue popped up on Friday July 18, 2014 and was work in fine prior. I tried what you said to do and it works but it is not tolerable to me to input the URL everytime. Is there any other free iOS app out there similar (rewind / fast forward/ pause) to tune in radio that I can okay the ticket stream or mirrored streams on?

        • Jacob
          July 20, 2014 12:58 Reply

          very very super gay…I first noticed this problem on thursday night during GNO. This issue has been brought up at the ticket’s subreddit http://www.reddit.com/r/theticket/comments/2b55ik/tunein_radio/ where others have stated similar problems. Until this issue is resolved I have kept the url (http://8323.live.streamtheworld.com/KTCKAM.mp3) saved in notes, and copy and paste it every time I load tunein. I have searched the interwebs for an alternative and none that meet the criteria of, pausing/rewinding for 30 minutes, recording, and scheduled recordings (like a dvr) that TuneIn offers. It’s obviously an issue with the app and something they’ll have to fix. I guess we should direct our anger towards them, so they can hopefully get it resolved, they may not even know about it yet.

        • Son Do
          July 20, 2014 22:13 Reply

          ooTunes Radio app for iOS (rewind/fast forward/pause) and it pauses and restarts when in phone conversations (unlike 1310 app) It’s $4.99 though.

        • Shaggy
          July 23, 2014 16:45 Reply

          I reported the issue to tunein. They replied back saying they were able to replicate the problem and would be working to fix.

        • July 31, 2014 10:32 Reply

          I had the same issue, submitted a ticket, and they’re working on it. The more that people report bugs, the quicker they are given attention.

    • Norm's Dried E
      August 05, 2014 19:33 Reply

      New tune in app update fixes the issue. Download 6.3 (447).

  21. BillinDallas
    July 18, 2014 12:09 Reply

    This is just SG!!

  22. Stephanie Mills
    July 21, 2014 11:04 Reply

    thank u so much for the update. i was about to lose my mind listening to these stupid geiko, progrssive, divorce attorney commercials….lol

  23. MarkS
    September 02, 2014 11:39 Reply

    Anybody else been having problems with the stream over the last few weeks? Doesn’t matter which app I use iTune, iHeart or the Ticket app, they all crap out every couple minutes, go to buffer and some times never come back unless I close down the app and restart. Doesn’t seem to matter if I’m on wireless or 3G. Can be pretty random too. Work fine for a day or 2 and then have a problem for the next week etc. The Ticket app is actually the worst of the bunch. I can’t get it to play at all. I am listening on an iPhone 4 (yes I know it’s old) but it’s worked fine for the last couple years until recently.

  24. JT
    November 20, 2014 19:21 Reply

    Is there an app for android where I can listen to full episodes in podcast form like I did on my iphong? I have downloaded several without success.

    • November 21, 2014 11:13 Reply

      something you might consider is finding a podcast player app, then subscribe to uSave.it and upgrade to the P1 Personal account. You’ll get all of the recordings + podcast urls for individual shows or all shows.

      Outside of that, not familiar with droid apps. Maybe someone else can chime in.

  25. At What Level?
    March 13, 2015 08:10 Reply

    Good gracious, how many times can the Can Academy commercial with Norm interrupt listening to the live stream on TuneIn?

    • BillinDallas
      March 13, 2015 09:15 Reply

      Anything to keep streaming from taking over iFartradio! Clear channel is behind it.

  26. Facesof MEH
    July 16, 2015 07:27 Reply

    OK So now all of a sudden the iPhone tune in app won’t let me record custom url’s and the scroll bar is disabled. Anyone know a work around?
    This is so SG.

    • seat21d
      August 17, 2015 07:46 Reply

      I’ve been having the same issue. New TuneIn updates don’t seem to fix, either.

    • FakeName
      August 25, 2015 16:26 Reply

      Facesof Meh

      Same here. I can no longer record custom url’s with TuneIn Pro. I can use the scroll bar though.

  27. RQ Stewart
    December 21, 2015 07:42 Reply

    Does anyone have a new custom URL for TuneIn?

  28. rqs
    December 23, 2015 10:30 Reply

    Is there a new custom URL we can use on TuneIn?

  29. TERRY
    January 09, 2016 17:32 Reply

    Has Ticket streaming stopped working? I’m getting errors on both Tunein Radio on my iPhone and on my Mac.

    • rqs
      January 10, 2016 08:32 Reply

      I really wish Rich (or someone) would FIX THIS S!

      TuneIn Radio – my preferred app – doesn’t seem to work. I can get the stream using My MediaU, but no scrolling or recording.

      Alternative links for streaming/download: ~~~ + huffduffer.com/SportsGreek

  30. sportsgreek
    January 10, 2016 21:36 Reply

    If you’re here looking for a new streaming url try this http://provisioning.streamtheworld.com/pls/KTCKAM.pls

  31. Ragonk4lyfe
    January 19, 2016 15:12 Reply

    You guys are the best – glad I wasn’t the only one freaking out for the past 2 months.

  32. Randy
    February 04, 2016 08:44 Reply

    @sportsgreek Thanks for the links! Tune In is so much better than sports day talk app. Question for you. Any idea why the record button does not work anymore for a custom stream??? Wish I could record again. Thanks for any help.

    • rqs
      February 24, 2016 08:47 Reply

      Seems we can’t record a custom stream. I’ve told TuneIn to “Fix This S, Rich” but they don’t seem to care about a P1 just tryna get by

  33. John K.
    January 06, 2017 12:39 Reply

    For Android get ‘V Radio Recorder’. It has KTCK as one of its stations and can record based on schedule. Free version has ads and paid is only $1.31. Looks like it only stores the mp3s to internal memory. Breaking the Musers down into 30 minute segments creates a 21MB file each.

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