Ticketstock 2012 – The Orphanage feat. Gordon Keith (The Rant)

Wanna know why Gordo was wearing a pink shirt during Saturday’s ticketstock? Look no further. Also, if you consider yourself a Rant P1, then play along with Davey’s little trivia contest and see if you could have won the coveted “Rant” c-rags…I mean, t-shirts that Davey was cramming in his attic.

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  1. Jon
    February 21, 2012 14:59 Reply

    14:58 – “armpit vasectomy” – Name for the Reconsider Lounge?

  2. Jon
    February 21, 2012 16:28 Reply

    43:40 – Hemoglobin waterfall

  3. Matt
    December 12, 2012 20:52 Reply

    Remember scouring the web for that damn Bud Dwyer video that morning.Unfortunately, I found it.

    Stay Hard, Bud.

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