P1’s Prank New Late Night Host Ferrall

by DP on January 9, 2013 · 5 comments

Other than the Musers giving us a sample of Ferrall, who replaced Dan Patrick on after hours Ticket, I haven’t heard him at all…until today. Noticed on twitter last night people saying they had called in and was giving him the business, so of course, I had to not only listen, but report to the P1’s. His voice is definitely unique and he’s so FM DJ-ish, it’s just interesting to listen to. Reminds me a lot of Pugs, who used to be on 105.3 back in the day.

Anyhow, the P1’s got in a few calls and dropped some Ticket lingo on him. I also included a little rant he went on about serious callers and at the end, a caller that cracked me up while kissing his ass. Listen for references to Dr. Salmon, what about eggs?, and then they try to drop the moth joke in on him. If you’re not familiar with the moth joke, Grubes tells it periodically on twitter…and you can see Norm MacDonald tell it below.

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And here’s Norm telling the moth joke

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