Nasty Nestor Hates The Jew – Anti-Semitic?

Today Corby Davidson told the story of trying to “bury the beef” with Nestor Aparicio, aka ‘Nasty Nestor’. The altercation happened after the members of said Ticket AM wanted to make peace with the shock jock who has had some sort of hatred towards the Ticket guys for many years.

Corby says he asked for 30 seconds of his time and he responded Nastily with a barrage of foul mouthed comments. He told Corby “Fuck You, Get the Fuck Away From Me.” Corby continued with kindness and tried to make Nestor understand his sincerity. Nestor immediately accused Corby of being mic’d up and Corby replied with, and I quote, “I swear on the Good Lord from above”, which was responded with, and I quote again, “You’re probably a JEW!”. Corby, being a noted man of the cloth, or Christian, or something, told him he was seriously trying to make amends with Nasty and wanted to end this ongoing battle with him. Nasty only got nasty and told Corbra to “fuck off and get the fuck away from him”.

In other news, watch how Hitler Hates Nasty Nestor.

Meanwhile, the rest of the guys were about 20 yards behind the scene preparing to throw down. Dongovan was well equipped, (he also had a chair in his hands) JUB was flexing his man breasts and brewing up a nice hot cup of diarrhea, Rhyner was reaching for the closest set of fake breasts explaining he needed to “squeeze the bejesus out of them” hoping to blind Nasty and Danny was not there, but was in spirit, like real spirits. Scotch I think.

This post has been updated a tad bit. It was originally written in a comedic sense. The comedy parts related to what was said by Nasty Nestor were removed and only the actual story, as told on air, remain. This site is getting a lot of attention because of what we’ve written and I want to make sure the story is told correctly.

The bottom line is Nasty Nestor is a complete jerk and the Jewish community should show their force against this “shock jock”. Just like Mel Gibson said his anti-semitic comments at his most weakest moment, Nestor was furious with the ticket guys who were trying to make friends and Nestor’s true feelings came out. I think the comments being posted here and even on websites in Baltimore show of his lack of respect for people in general.

When you are in the public eyes and ears, you need to learn to control yourself. Ask Don Imus. Ask Mel Gibson. Ask a long list of people. But rather than jump on your blog and try to deny the comments and blame everything on another radio station who has tried to make friends with you for several years is just a cowardly act.

Nasty Nestor Jew

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  1. Jerusalem Jackson
    January 30, 2008 21:15 Reply

    I think we need to make this the official “Nasty Nester Is A Douche” headquarters. Let’s show this fuck what The Ticket (and theunticket) is all about….he doesn’t want the barrage of shtick we could unload.

  2. Tim
    February 01, 2008 17:57 Reply

    U guys are funny as shit

    • Doanwanna Poopoo
      February 02, 2008 22:15 Reply

      Thanks Tim! We’re here just to have fun. Nothing else. Poke fun at idiots like Nestor who gets tattoo’s of bullet targets on the small of his back.

  3. you guys have
    February 01, 2008 20:52 Reply

    *cough* LOSERS *cough*

    • Doanwanna Poopoo
      February 02, 2008 22:12 Reply

      *cough* SUCKIT *cough*

  4. Not a Nestor fan
    February 01, 2008 21:00 Reply

    We all know Nestor isn’t a Jew hater. After all, his one and only true target of his hatred is Peter Angelos, and he’s a Greek!

    • Doanwanna Poopoo
      February 02, 2008 22:14 Reply

      how do you know he’s not a jew hater? Why would you say what he said if you didn’t have some sort of dislike for that religion?

  5. Steve Sharon
    February 02, 2008 08:44 Reply

    I have only known Nestor for, oh, about twenty two years..I have no idea where you got this idea about him, but before spreading this around you better think twice because you are WAY wrong…you want to attack a Jew-hater? GO after James A. Baker, he is based in Texas..but in this case you are after the wrong guy.

    • Doanwanna Poopoo
      February 02, 2008 22:11 Reply

      Steve Sharon…bad name. You a guy or a girl?

  6. Doanwanna Poopoo
    February 02, 2008 13:39 Reply

    Steve, I’m not making any accusations. I asked a question. Your ‘friend’ questioned someone about being a ‘jew’. I’m not making it up. I know for a fact your buddy is a douche bag because I’ve heard him on the radio being a complete prick. So I wouldn’t think twice about him not being anti-semitic. But I will admit that I was not there and I can only go by what was said on the radio. Problem is, the radio guys would not make this up, especially when there were SEVERAL witnesses when this happened.

    Maybe this is karma coming back to bite Nestor in the ass for his use of freedom when he caused the big walk out on the Orioles. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

    I hope this makes big media because I am positive many more people will come out and talk of Nestor’s prejudices. Watch his videos on youtube. he’s a cocky prick. Saying he “HATES” Redskins fans. Anyone that “HATES” anyone is bound to hate a religion he doesn’t believe in. I’m a die hard Cowboys fan but I don’t hate innocent people just because they like our opponents.

    And I’m not “going after” anyone. I’m just reporting the news as it has been reported. Nestor has offended me and I’m sure the rest of Dallas/Ft. Worth. And from the comments we’re getting from people up in the Baltimore area where you are, people don’t like him up there either.

  7. lawsuit?
    February 03, 2008 08:45 Reply

    i think you’re going to learn some tough legal lessons in the name of fun…

    • Doanwanna Poopoo
      February 03, 2008 18:37 Reply

      Oh shit, I just pissed myself! I’m soooo scared daddy.

  8. Chris
    February 04, 2008 09:48 Reply

    Doanwanna Poopoo, all your arguments are completely ridiculous. You say that because someone says they hate Redskins fans that they hate all religions that aren’t there own. Just think about that the next time you wanna post something again. Thats insane, i dont even know who this guy is, but his side puts the blame on the ticket. Both sides are completely biased and why try to ruin his career. As sports fan if you go to a cowboys game when they are playing the giants or eagles are you gonna go up to the eagles fan next to you and say i just hope this is a really good game if you guys win il be proud of you, NO. You gonna talk smack and about how the eagles/giants suck and what not. We are talking about sports. I dont understand why this is necessary its your words against theres, why not just drop this. and Doanwanna Poopoo just grow up.

    • Doanwanna Poopoo
      February 04, 2008 10:37 Reply

      Chris, talk about spin control! Wow. You want to talk ridiculous? You said, and I quote, ” i dont even know who this guy is”. How truthful are you being “Chris”? According to your IP address you are from the Baltimore area. Would seem add to me that you don’t know this guy, yet you are from that area, why would you be looking up this story and having such a strong opinion about it? This is probably Nasty himself.

      As far as “Growing up” .. heh. If I grow up, I’ll just end up like Nasty running around calling people “Jew” and distancing from the English language due to my over use of “F-bombs”.

      Like I said, you keep talking about it, I’ll keep talking about it.

  9. Chris
    February 04, 2008 10:52 Reply

    Well thats interesting because my ip address is from virginia, blacksburg to be specific where im sitting right now , ive actually listened to your station more than his.

  10. Chris
    February 04, 2008 10:59 Reply

    not even to mention the fact that you criticize his use ofbthr f-bomb you’re the one calling him a “douche” using “shit”. how can you not say you are going after thus guy when a dallas reporter even said your station caused the up roar 10 years ago when you guys started shit with him by going up to him with a hidden mic.

  11. Doanwanna Poopoo
    February 04, 2008 11:04 Reply

    Ok, so if you listen to the ticket in dallas as you say you do, how could you “not” know who he is? And why would you come out of nowhere and jump to this douche bags defense? You obviously have zero idea what has gone on and have no right to comment on it unless you are nestor, his friend, his family member or his co-worker.

    If none of those exist, I’ll just classify you as just another douche. Maybe you and Nasty Nestor douche together in public restrooms after one taps the top of the others foot under the stall wall.

    But hey, thanks for the comments. Keep ’em coming. Lets keep this story going. Should I start a new one?

  12. Doanwanna Poopoo
    February 04, 2008 11:09 Reply

    I’m sticking up for the guys at our radio station Chris. I’ve heard every single Nestor encounter and the hidden mic thing was hardly worth all of this. Since then the ticket has tried to make amends with him and he continues to be a prick.

    Also, this site isn’t broadcast to millions of people. Only the people that want to read about the ticket. So welcome to Dallas.

    Nestor is a media person and needs to learn how to conduct himself. He’s an embarrassment to Baltimore and I hope he gets in trouble for his actions.

    Oh and .. I’ve read that site. Half the people hate him the other half are just ok with him. What’s that tell you about the city where he lives?

  13. Doanwanna Poopoo
    February 04, 2008 11:23 Reply

    The one BIG thing I want to address is:


    Put quite simply:


  14. Tim
    February 04, 2008 11:27 Reply

    Fuck him. I know violence isn’t the key, but somebody should’ve slapped the anti-semitism out of his lil’ ass. Whomever sides with this sperm catcher needs an ass kicking also. Fuck Nestor & his follwers.

  15. Jerusalem Jackson
    February 04, 2008 11:30 Reply

    I’m not sure what I love the most about this thread. I mean, what was said here was on the fucking airwaves in Dallas! This isn’t made up! HAA!!!

    @ Chris (chris chris??) – if I didn’t live in Dallas I’d tune in to the ticket, too.

    @ Steve Sharon – sorry you’ve known Nestor that long…maybe it’s time to distance a little?

    @ lawsuit? – pussy

    @ Tim – thanks for visiting theunticket!

  16. Chris
    February 04, 2008 11:30 Reply

    Im not trying to defend Nestor at all, I have listened to his station before but haven’t heard much from him. I just dont understand how you criticize him when you say he has to learn how to conduct himself, “If none of those exist, I’ll just classify you as just another douche. Maybe you and Nasty Nestor douche together in public restrooms after one taps the top of the others foot under the stall wall.” Look at what your talking about. you’re not to far from him either. And then you say its karma for his walk out at the Oriole game according to the ticket already did that. If Nestor did do what the ticket is claiming he did, i agree something should be done. But other than that, it seems hes no different then any other person at your station. So just like you criticize him for hating all religions hes not, your the one who calls me a douche because i disagree with you. Someone needs to work on their image and im not sure if its Nestor.

  17. Chris
    February 04, 2008 11:33 Reply

    “Anyone that “HATES” anyone is bound to hate a religion he doesn’t believe in.”


    Please before you post again just reread everything you have written to make sure it doesn’t contradict.

    • Doanwanna Poopoo
      February 04, 2008 12:05 Reply

      Good one Chris. I’m not sure I was ever the topic of the story. I never said I did or did not like any religions. Maybe I do. The thing is, I will never publicly state that fact to people I don’t know. Furthermore, I’m not a public figure. I’m just a douche like you’re a douche. (I like the term douche, get over it)

      You originally attacked me by telling me to “grow up”. I’m calling you a douche. Can you not handle criticism? If you don’t want me to fight back, then move on to another site. Maybe this one will work for you.

      Otherwise, try to make your points without flaming anyone. All we’re doing is blogging newsworthy items regarding public figures. Want to debate? Debate. But as soon as you attack me, I’ll attack right back.

  18. Chris
    February 04, 2008 12:19 Reply

    I dont care that your attacking me, all im saying is dont attack people and then turn around and do the same thing they did. Im just saying everything you have criticized him of doing you have done, and i bet your beloved ticket has done the same thing. You guys say your not searching for trouble, then just leave him alone. I be the first to admit i really dont know what has gone on behind the curtains with the ticket and nasty, but from what i’ve both heard and seen on your websites i cant see Cobry or whoever went to him with a sincere apology to be completely serious. Maybe he had good intentions but went to him with a smile on his face and it came off the wrong way. But regardless, why not just leave the guy alone and let the people in baltimore worry about what he is doing. For his station to be around it cant be as bad as you guys make it out to be. Whenever he “tattled” to the NFL it seemed to be because you guys were trying to get him to slip up so you can broadcast to all your fan base that this guy is a douche. I know you say your not upsessed with him, but it really seems like you are, we have all said politcally incorrect things at one point or another, i know you def. have, because i could name 5 in our conversation. Just let the man live his life and you and your radio station live yours. It seems like whenever Nasty and the ticket are together the Ticket goes out of there way to interact with Nasty whether good intentions or bad. Just leave the man alone.

  19. Doanwanna Poopoo
    February 04, 2008 12:47 Reply

    Kris Kris, that’s a very heart felt speech. We haven’t posted anything about it in several days. It’s people like you that keep bringing it up and cause us to continue talking about it.

    The funny thing is, all we did was talk about it on our blog. What we heard on the radio. We didn’t broadcast it to anyone. If you came to our blog, you read it. And I think you are the 6th person to ever visit. So if you could be an awesome pal, refer a couple of your friends. I’ll take back the douche line. Promise.

  20. Chris
    February 04, 2008 13:46 Reply

    For starters your last post about it was last night. Honestly 3/4 of the stuff you have posted is bullshit, you say all you are doing is posting news, you haven’t posted anything thats news, everything you have posted is been from your elementary educated brain. Everytime i post a statement or belief you respond by trying to belittle me, not by responding to what i said. It doesn’t really bother me, but what does is how hypocritical you. You people in Dallas just cant get over the fact that your beloved cowboys are choking away the last years of there so called stars “Romo and Owens”. You guys need to grow get real jobs (posting on blogs all day long doesn’t count) and stop complaining about radio hosts is baltimore and your vagtastic QB WR hook up. ” MAN THATS MY QUARTERBACK”

  21. Doanwanna Poopoo
    February 04, 2008 14:35 Reply

    Kris Kris, so does that mean you aren’t referring any friends? I guess it isn’t beyond the realm of possibilities that you don’t have any. You talk about all I do is blog. So where does that put you? My follower?

    My last post was last night? No idiot, that is called a “COMMENT”. A post is a new page on a new subject or thought. I’ll chip in and get this for you if you would like.

    So where did the Romo/TO thing come from? Is this your angle? Yes, Cowboys “and” Mavs choked recently. But I believe the Cowboys are the most recognized franchise in the world and has the most fans. We also have the most Super Bowl wins and appearances. Guess that can make you a little jealous. Come talk to me this time next year.

    You say I’m hypocritical. What are you? Everything I’ve done, you’ve done in retaliation. Are you hitting on me? If so, I’m not interested. I really don’t go your way.

    Chris, I’ll end with this:
    – No, I will not grow up. I prefer to piss idiots like you off.
    – I really appreciate your time and comments. It will only make this page stronger.
    – I think you are an exceptional individual and most of us should strive to be just like you. Maybe you should blog and help us find your way.
    – If you do wish to show us your way, please promote your site here.

    It’s been fun but I’m bored with you now.

  22. Tim
    February 05, 2008 12:32 Reply

    Fuck Nestor

  23. Sean
    January 30, 2009 19:59 Reply

    Will someone please get me Nestor’s address so I can mail him a tube of vagisil…his pussy obviously hurts.

  24. Nestor sucks
    January 30, 2009 21:49 Reply

    Nestor Aparicio is nothing but a 5’6 pretty boy Anti-semitic piece of shit prick!!! He is a disgrace to the Baltimore area which I take pride of being born and raised in. It’s douche bags like this asshole who make our town and athletic teams look like shit. Oh and Steve Sharon, if this is the kind of friend you have had for 22 years, then that tells alot about you already! NESTOR SUCKS!

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