Mike Bacsik tries to repent on San Antonio Radio

The next installment of Bacsik-gate can be found on the San Antonio version of the ticket. Mike called in and tried to apologize, but he got his wheels completely shot off by Bruce Bowen before, during and after the interview. Fortunately, the co-hosts of the show tried to be bigger men and allow Mike to try and apologize (which resulted in Bruce inferring that the hosts themselves were closet racists among other things).

An interesting listen, except for whenever Bowen decides to chime in. If Bacsik wants to make amends with people with the mindset of Bowen, he’s got a long way to go. Good luck, Chewie.

Direct Podcast Link Here

If the above link doesn’t work, go here and select the “TMD 5-04-2010 7AM” clip for full pre- and post-interview context.
Link to Podcast Site Here

[Update] Some additional audio worth listening to is available in the “TMD 5-04-2010 8AM” clip, approximately 18 minutes in.

[Update 2 by DP] Pulled the audio and edited it out. You can listen to the segment and pre/post discussion in the player below. (also had to weigh in on a comment below…Bruce Bowen is a dick!)

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  1. PowerDown
    May 04, 2010 12:08 Reply

    No apologies to Bacsik here, but Bruce Bowen is unlistenable. I can’t imagine having to listen to that guy every morning. Nice job being a professional broadcaster, Bruce. If you didn’t want to do the interview, turn your mic off and leave the room. Don’t attack your co-host on the air.

  2. goodwilldrums
    May 04, 2010 12:55 Reply

    Who is mixing this audio?? Each mic is so different…hard to listen to. And Bowen…STFU please!

  3. May 04, 2010 13:05 Reply

    My 2 cents? Bruce Bowen made Bacsik look like a Saint. Bruce Bowen… you’re a dick! Your own co-host feels the same way. We all know teammates in sports use racial terms towards each other in fun. I’ve heard professional athletes say this in a public setting. We all know Bruce Bowen has said much worse in his life and for him to be such a dick just shows the type of person he is. Stupid, stupid human being that Bruce Bowen is.

  4. AP
    May 04, 2010 13:12 Reply

    I gotta admit — I don’t get that hot under the sports collar too often, but listening to Bowen made my dirty-clean-strong-strong P1 blood boil. The good old adage of “if you don’t have anything useful to say, keep your fool mouth shut” I suppose. I certainly hope he doesn’t decide to throw a stone in that lovely glass house of his, raining down shards of hypocrisy on him and his saintly cuban wife.

    btw — Thanks for the edit, DP!

  5. VSBB
    May 04, 2010 14:16 Reply

    I’m going to play a little VSBB Mystery Science Theatre 1310 with this audio. As I listen to it, I’ll make comments making note of the time of the audio.

    0:25 Bowen’s first words are some sort of groan and “Rightfully so” in a demeaning tone. I already don’t like where this is headed.

    1:03 Just heard Bowen claim Mike needs to apologize “in all forms” to San Antonio. He issued an apology on Twitter, in the releases of both his suspension and termination, and he’s about to be on this show. What more do you want dude, the Die Hard sandwich board?

    1:10 The first occurrence of Bowen saying Mike isn’t sorry, and the first instance of a co-host being drawn off sides. Didn’t know Bruce Bowen was the end-all be all authority when it comes to determining remorse.

    2:33 Just a small note, Bowen keeps saying the co-host(Peter I think?) has no point. I’ve yet to hear his point, just a bunch of jumbled together words.

    3:03 “I don’t think people in Dallas will hear this show.” http://www.theunticket.com Bruce, this isn’t the 1800s anymore where we communicate via telegraph or Pony Express.

    3:15 “By former producer of Ticket in Dallas.” Outside radio shows just can’t get the station or the shows right can they? Still a minor roadblock in what has been three minutes of audio where I want to get naked and scale a billboard.

    4:28 Mike making his point about sincerity and the written apology. I’m detecting a lot of sincerity in his voice, the pacing and tone indicate he seems to be speaking from the heart.

    5:23 Still amazing to me that Twitter has the ability to cost someone their job now. I don’t think that will ever truly set in.

    5:34 First interjection from the Peanuthead Gallery(Bowen), claiming he should have known he did something wrong right when he said it. Let me quote Deon in asking Bowen “At what level?” He didn’t know what it would blow up into, nobody did.

    7:52 The worst part about this interview so far, besides the horrible caller sound and Bascik sounding like he’s in a Porta John is that the other two hosts seem to be more than willing to let Mike issues his thoughts and genuinely apologize. I lay no fault with them.

    10:56 Mike has gone on for the last couple of minutes about the process he went through with his punishment and such. In all honesty, and I’ve said this before, I thought a suspension would have been enough. I realize what’s going on in Arizona, but if a Ticket producer’s tweets are affecting legislation in Arizona we have a HUGE problem on our hands that doesn’t involve Bascik.

    11:45 How the Hell is Bruce Bowen even in radio? He doesn’t care about the entire story, which is why they invited Bascik on the radio? Who made him the PD all of a sudden?

    11:52 So Mike, who was admittedly drunk, had to have racist thoughts beforehand? So we are totally getting rid of the idea that alcohol affects your mind in such a way that it can cause you to say and do things that under no circumstances you would do when you are sober. What a douche.

    12:15 This is absolute radio cyanide. Bowen has no god damn clue what he’s doing, because Bascik is obviously trying to say something and relate it to this situation. Maybe if you’d stop jerking off to the sound of your own voice Bruce, you’d actually hear something that made sense instead of interrupting.

    12:43 Is Bowen was white would we be having this controversial(and almost unbearable) audio? Me thinks not.

    13:14 So Bowen basically is asking Mike to go to every media outlet in the state of Texas and give them each an on air apology or a written apology? Not all of us have jobs on ESPN’s basketball coverage where you can spare us to death with your lack of talent, and your blowhardness Bruce. What you are asking is illogical, unnecessary, and idiotic.

    14:08 So Bowen doesn’t have any desire to talk about it, yet he jumps down Bascik’s throat when he is on the air and makes him out to be a hate monger. What an asshole.

    13:55(going back a moment because I accidentally set the media player backwards some) If you don’t care to hear it Bruce, walk the Hell out of the studio. Bruce Bowen is not the target audience of this show, it’s the people out in their cars listening and with their radios on listening. What a complete and total jackass.

    14:34 I can hear Bowen half laughing/half sighing in the background making a noise like “Who does this guy think he is?” Either that or it’s just the awful quality of audio 760 is putting out. If it’s what I think it is, I’m actually even more offended by Bruce Bowen’s comments and actions than anything Bascik has ever said or done.

    16:17 Bascik does better at making Bowen look like a dick than anyone could. Bowen is the biggest joke on radio anywhere, I’d rather listen to 105.3 than this piece of crap.

    17:28 Bowen must not have been listening, because Bascik listed off three or four things about how he is taking ACTION to be a better person in his community. He is REACHING OUT and making that effort, but that’s not good enough for Bowen, the only thing good enough for Bowen is for Mike to have his feet and hands nailed into a big wooden cross it sounds like.

    The rest I just can’t stomach, there’s only so much idiocy I can take out of any radio personality. Bruce Bowen had an agenda, and that was to try his best to beat down Bascik and make him look like a racist bigot. Sadly, that failed because Mike didn’t get angry and held his ground and said all the right things. Bowen ended up looking like an absolute tool because his statements had no real direction, and were obviously pointed at trying to portray Bascik as something he isn’t. I fully plan on emailing the PD down in San Antonio for this station, and letting him have a piece of my mind and opinion. Someone like this should not be on the air in any market, because he can’t be objective or hold an open mind when it comes to social issues. He tried to turn this into the Bruce Bowen show, and whenever the co-hosts tried to get the interview back on topic he sulked, and started attacking them. If 760 likes that, I’ve got an out of work Dallas radio host who has had some issues with cocaine they might want to interview. His behavior reminded me a lot of the Hammer, and that’s not a good thing. I think no less of Bascik, but Bruce Bowen goes completely off my list of people I ever had respect for.

  6. Or Some Such
    May 04, 2010 15:00 Reply

    I’ll have to admit I used to like Bowen and the way he played the game. However,I cannot tolerate this BS in this interview.

    He was acting like a spoiled brat. He was an A**hole. There’s another word for what he was but we won’t even go there. How belligerent!

    Bruce may be well liked in the SA community for his community service but this interview can’t score him any points.

    By the way, what was wrong with Bacsik’s statement? Mexican is a nationality of people. calling them dirty. ok?! so I call someone a dirty dude will I hauled off to jail.

    What about the Mexican females I work with who when I called them “Hispanic” very bluntly and point blank stated “We’re not Hispanic. we’re Mexican”.

    Yes Bascik was racist but have gotten too PC in this country.

  7. Stephen
    May 04, 2010 15:35 Reply

    Oh my gosh. Bruce Bowen is awful. What a absolute douche.

    What else do you want Bacsik to do Bowen?? He should probably lose his job just by the way he acted during this interview.

  8. Juan Openings
    May 04, 2010 16:19 Reply

    Nice radio muscles, Bruce Blowens.

    You know what allows racism to thrive? Ignorance, stubborness and a steadfast refusal to forgive. What an ass. Glad no know employed that jackass in the NBA this season.


  9. Jiverly
    May 04, 2010 20:34 Reply

    It seems like if all the SA media can pound The Ticket and Cumulus with emails saying get Bacsik off the air then the good strong dirty P1’s could do the same to that station and bash Bowen and call for his head. Getting in on Bowen’s wikipedia could also be an option. That guy is a serious dick machine.

  10. Krat
    May 05, 2010 00:30 Reply

    Is this audio the birthing grounds of Fake Bruce Bowen?

  11. Michael
    May 05, 2010 07:20 Reply

    I usually don’t take the time to echo sentiments in the comment board, but I must say that Bruce Bowen is unlistenable. Not only that, but his reasoning is 100% flawed. Bacsik had no chance with him. I think Bacsik did a very good job on the radio and became a sympathetic character not only for his apology, but for the ridiculous response by Bowen.

  12. I've Got Enough on My Mind Already Without Your ********
    May 05, 2010 07:33 Reply

    rac·ism   [rey-siz-uhm] –noun

    1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    I’ve yet to figure out what part of the tweet was racist. Would someone like to enlighten me?

  13. EnglishSpeakingMexicanP1 ESM
    May 05, 2010 08:53 Reply

    I talked to Bacsik when this happened and I felt he was sorry. I did not take it offensive. Just like everyone Bruce Bowen has the right to his own opinion(just like Bacsik did), even tho he was a d*ck about it. I told Bacsik to stay strong and I have his back 100%. As a American -Mexican and the Hardline annointed speaker for the Hispanic community, stop being so sensitive . Guess what I’m a beaner, wetback , whatever you want to call me. But I am an AMERICAN first and foremost , say something against American we have a problem. But I told Bacsik I would help him get his job back by doing fight night “Bacsik vs ESM”

  14. Cheesy Charlie
    May 05, 2010 09:43 Reply

    Wow! I am a native San Antonio P1, and I have never seen that side of Bruce. Perhaps Bruce Bowen’s troubled upbringing in California turned him caulous towards racist remarks, but it doesn’t sound like any apology Mike would have made would have been enough to satisfy him (or even some other San Antonians, based on remarks I’ve read on SpursTalk forums).

    I love Bowen and his work around the city, but this lowered my opinion of him a bit.


  15. AP
    May 05, 2010 10:31 Reply

    @Jiverly — Just my personal opinion, but I’d avoid waging a personal attack campaign against Bowen directly. Here’s why:

    – Bowen is making snap judgment against Bacsik for less than 140 measly characters (if he even read the tweet at all). We’d be making a judgment on Bowen based on 20 minutes of audio. They may both be great guys (although I’m pretty sure Bacsik never kicked anyone as part of his job).

    – I’d rather throw support behind Peter Burns (the host of the show, @PeterBurnsRadio) for doing this in the first place, and then sticking to his guns after Bowen started to snipe at him. I believe Burns is on far shakier ground job-wise than Bruce is, and a well-crafted email to the SanAntone PD expressing support for Burns would probably be more effective in getting rid of Bruce because there is clearly no chemistry there.

    – No point in giving more ammunition to people like Bruce who have made up their mind on Bacsik and closed their ears to any other dissenting opinions.

    But hey, that’s just my $0.02, and I’ll definitely chuckle if there was enough negative feedback from P1’s that Bowen ended up losing his job for being a close-minded douche…oh, the irony.

    Now that that’s done…did anyone else start giggling when Bacsik was backpedalling and started throwing out Military and Church force-fields to defend himself? Gordo would have been so disappointed!

  16. mexicanjunior
    May 05, 2010 10:59 Reply

    I feel bad for Peter Burns, he didn’t deserve to get scolded by Bruce for setting up the interview. This could have been a very interesting pull back of the curtain listen and Bowen ruined it with his grand standing.

    That said, he helped us win 3 titles, so I can’t stay mad at him for too long.

  17. TicketMouse
    May 05, 2010 11:48 Reply

    Bruce is a doosh. Big props to Peter Byrnes for calling him to the carpet.

    Anecdotal.. lifelong Spurs fan.. i work at one of the biggest companies in SA. Bruce Bowen was the guest speaker at our United Way kickoff event one year, where the higher ups rally the employees to donate to the United Way and its various worthy causes. CEO always comes up and talks honestly about the ways in which donating to the United Way makes a difference in people’s lives, sometimes fighting back tears as he relates stories of things he has actually witnessed by working with the various agencies. Now..ladies and gentlemen, your guest speaker..Bruuuuce Bowen!

    Bruce proceeds to spend 2/3 of his time advertising the new spa he and his wife had just opened up in town. Whole crowd lays out.


  18. P1 Paulie
    May 05, 2010 13:06 Reply

    Bruce Bowen typical American thinks he is perfect and has never done anything stupid, or never will do anything stupid or say anything stupid.

  19. sputnik
    May 05, 2010 15:59 Reply

    Peter was playing peace maker and that’s awesome, but Bacsik was foolish. Bruce was expressing his frustration at Bacsiks comment and if you don’t understand his disappointment and anger then it’s on you. Bruce wont change Bacsik’s racism by calling him out. But you can hear the frustration in Bruce’s voice and it is justified. Racism is stupid…. Bacsik screwed up. and it’s out for all to hear now….you think he has said that before? Will he say it again? As a latina, i can forgive and move on. But Bacsik should take his lumps and then let his life show the kind of person he is. Period.

  20. P1 Jimbo
    May 05, 2010 16:26 Reply

    Some of you guys know Bascik on a personal level… the majority of you are probably just blindly supporting him because he was employed by your always-blameless Surrogate Best Friend 1310… whichever group you fall into, you have to try to be objective and see this as an outsider (read: somebody who doesn’t spend their time on a Ticket-slurping website) might see it–
    that is, Bascik is nothing more than your typical emotional-growth-stunted former baseball player. You know, the one who never left the clubhouse behind.
    Calling Bowen names and calling for his job does not change the fact that Bascik is an uneducated, classless dolt, and he deserved to be fired, if only for the fact that you have to be a complete moron to tweet what he did.
    Have fun editing your audio links, fellas.

  21. bowenISaDIRTYamerican
    May 05, 2010 22:04 Reply

    When are people going to understand that Mexican isn’t a racist term?

    Dirty American
    Dirty German
    Dirty African American
    Dirty Frenchman
    Dirty Mexican

    It is all the same thing.

    All Basick said was “dirty” in front of a nationality.

  22. Get down from there Elvis
    May 09, 2010 16:21 Reply

    Bowen can suck it. He tried to apologize. If he doesnt want to get over it oh well. Bacsik’s side of the street is clean. What he says at around the 22:45 mark is true. Should welcome back hard criminals with open arms but condemn Bacsik for the rest of his life over a dumbass tweet?

  23. May 09, 2010 19:52 Reply

    Jimbo, I love how you call of us out for “blindly following the station” yet your screen name has “P1” in it.

    That is all.

  24. frustrated
    July 24, 2010 14:52 Reply

    Wow, just found this audio and was shocked by Bowen’s whole attitude. I don’t know anything about him, so I read up on him. It seems he’s estranged from his parents and several relatives. I don’t know the reason, but maybe this guy has a real problem with forgiveness.
    All I know is that he came across as an A1 asshole during that interview.

  25. Steve Guidroz
    November 03, 2012 10:00 Reply

    Anyone who ever watched Spurs basketball knows Bowen was a dirty player.

    Just think Bacsik’s comments hit too close to home.

    I’ve met Mike, he seems to be a really nice guy, just got drunk and caught up in ticket schtick. Too bad, he was a great host and producer.

    If the Mexicans in San Antonio aren’t dirty, their stupid river walk sure is.

    suck it Bowen.

  26. Britton
    June 02, 2013 22:47 Reply

    What did he tweet (Mike) they don’t even skate around it? At least the Musers would have tried to repeat the tweet. Who would care about a Bacik tweet? Why follow him? #ticketdallasproducer vs. 760am on air talent. I would still like to know his tweet. I am against the Damning of people without all the facts. I never liked the S.O.B on the radio or the “pitchers mound” but Bruce you are a ass…….

  27. January 31, 2014 13:52 Reply

    Bruce I believe you said actions speak louder than words. You don’t have to say you don’t accept his apology your actions show it. You are a coward skating around with word play “did I say that” you also insinuated that Peter was a racist in fact your the one Bruce that has the issues. Things go through everyone’s mind from the smallest to the biggest sometimes we humans slip and act or say something we hv thought before we are imperfect creatures. I did not have a poor opinion of Mike before his comments and I do not have one after, but I do have a very poorest opinion of you now Bruce!

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