Former Cowboys Coaches Roundtable – Chan, Bill & Joe

Former Cowboys Coaches

Former Cowboys Coaches

This is always a fun segment when the former Cowboys coaches roundtable visit the Musers at 8:40.

Coach Chan Gailey, Coach Bill Parcells & Coach Joe Avezzano visit with JAH.

Chan chimes in saying the Cowboys play like farm girls.  They need better training.  Too pampered.  Says Cowboys should make the playoffs.  Then goes into dead puppy talk.

Bill instantly attacks the media.  Then stumbles through all the gauze stuffed in his mouth.  He doesn’t answer the playoff question but says they need more Jap plays.

Coach Joe is stumblin’, rumblin’, fumblin’ around his words.  He promotes his bar.  Says the Cowboy need Matt Vanderbeek.  Joe thinks if he can be a country singer, Cowboys can make playoffs.

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