Favorite Audio Of Past 17 Years

Ticket Audio Vault

Ticket Audio Vault

During the 8:40 segment today, Gordo talked about all of the comments from his blog, twitter & email of P1’s voicing their favorites over the past 17 years.

They spoke of some and played a few, but ended with probably the best audio gold that ever happened on the little Ticket.

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  1. Reggie
    January 28, 2011 22:28 Reply

    Gonna post the emergency break?

  2. Not that Bob
    January 28, 2011 22:35 Reply

    I will never forget the “Stinky Box” first appearance. It was so epic the musers had to recap it the next day. Rhynes and Greggo were talking about the Rangers, who were probably sucking back then. The segment is about over and there is some silence. Greggo says something and then a drop of him saying “Wanna have sex?” comes out. Then more uncomfortable silence. Then Mike says “Coming up next!”, then “My sister’s stinky box!”. Then some more silence.. and the corby pops in and says something like “That was the worse tease ever”. Greatness.

  3. Reggie
    January 28, 2011 22:37 Reply

    You going to post Emergency Break?

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