Fake Norm and Fake Goose


And Da-Goooseh!

Fake Norm and Fake Goose discuss a variety of topics, including football, science fiction, and, uhh…websites.

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  1. ilikesteak
    November 04, 2010 19:26 Reply

    I remember when Fake Norm actually sounded like Norm. Sometimes I think Gordo’s characters are a little too…. Gordo…

    Anyways, thanks AP. ‘Preciate ya pal!

    • November 04, 2010 20:53 Reply

      And I, sir, appreciate steak. *Wink*

      Gordo mentioned that he likes to devolve his impersonations into their own little caricatures over time – see fake Greggo, fake Norm, fake Jerry and I think even fake Danny, which I believe has now been reduced to a simple scoff…

  2. Norman Elizabeth Hitzges
    November 04, 2010 23:16 Reply

    That picture makes me giggle

    • November 05, 2010 09:02 Reply

      Thanks! I consider it to be one of my poorer photoshop efforts – I was looking for a slutty man-goose in a half-shirt, but there’s only so much out there on the internet to work with.

  3. CliffleeMoney
    November 06, 2010 13:12 Reply

    Am i the only ones who think the Musers must have the lamest show on the the ticket. I’m not sure any one of them know anything about sports let alone talk about them on their show. Every time i tune in i hear them talking more about some weird topic that i don’t care about that has nothing to do with with sports. I usually hear them during cross talk with Norm and they are all trying so desperately to be funny that most of the time it turns into a bunch of people talking over each other with a bunch of unfunny fart sound effects.

    • November 06, 2010 15:20 Reply

      The Musers maintain a pretty healthy guy-talk-to-sport ratio (there’s an exact figure that they strive for, I think it’s 35%) that seems to work well for them and their substantial ratings. If you want to hear just sports talk, listen to the show for a day and you can figure out exactly what times they’re talking sports as opposed to other products (O-deck, muse in the news, biggest show coming to town, e-brake, scattershooting, you’re-an-ass-if, gordo’s corner, choochie-bappa’s quit hits, quordon queef, etc).

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