Ben & Skin – Shit Canned From The FAN

benskinOK, so they say it was a mutual decision. Bottom line is, who would leave a job without a job? Ben & Skin are no longer with 105.3 The FAN.

Obviously the relationship wasn’t working out, Ben & Skin weren’t happy with the format and management aren’t happy with the shitty ratings.

I like Ben & Skin, but I had a hard time listening to them when they would fill in at the Ticket. I don’t think it has much to do with them or what they gave, but just it was going from one extreme to another. It was like listening to Bob & Dan trying to fit in when they first hit the Ticket. Almost like they were trying too hard. I’m sure most would do the same thing. You have an audience that expects something and all you can do is try.

If you want to keep up with the guys, they have a Twitter Page. Haven’t read anything for certain on their schedule. Maybe they’ll end up with a gig over with Big Dick Hunter with special guests like Greggo. Also where Pugs n Kelly ended up after being cast off of 105.3.

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  1. Ignacio
    August 29, 2009 06:33 Reply

    Pugs n Kelly are on The Bone, last I checked. As for B&S and 105.3…to hell with 105.3. They should have stuck with the formula that worked and kept Russ happy and on the air. Russ’ ratings rocked. They fucked up majorly, and now, the get to eat it why Russ has hot sex with every CBS buck of the contract they signed him to. You know he has got to be eating this stuff up!

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