An Orphanage Christmas – Dry Dock 2018


For 5 days this year it felt like 2012 again as Davey and Danny took over the Hardline shift for a week of dry dock. Here’s all the full shows plus a few highlights. Good times.

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  1. AJMAG
    December 24, 2018 11:25 Reply

    Long live the orphanage. I could do with this daily or at least weekly again.

  2. Brian Wayne Solomon
    January 08, 2019 21:09 Reply

    Bring back the Orphange! Or lose a listener.

  3. Ross Is Boss
    February 06, 2019 15:17 Reply

    Did anyone catch Danny calling coach Montgomery “Coach Gonorreah” ? 3. “The Orphanage 12.19.18” 1:55:30

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