BaD Radio – Ticket Bylaws and John Lennon


Fifty Cent ain't got nuthin' on me

I think I might have forgotten to post a segment from White Elephant day — Donovan’s followup to his controversial ticker tease opinions about John Lennon’s death (see here for the tickers).  Turns out he got a rather nasty email from a borderline-necrophiliac, so I thought I would put together the audio-timeline of what was said so P1’s could see that it was in fact an attempt at comedy.  It was addressed much later in the show — in fact, there was another clip (not included) where Donny explicitly said that he didn’t wish that kind of fate on anyone, but I hope that goes without saying.

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Just a note — some people were never exposed to Lennon in their lifetimes — I’m not actually  sure that’s his picture, in fact.

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