The UnTicket – Gone to Cabo!

unticket cabo

Shocking UnTicket Exclusive!

UnTicket P1’s, I come to you with some sad, breaking news — Fresh off their recent victory as the Dallas Observer’s best blog, the dynamic duo of JJ and DP appear to have inherited the “feet up, mission accomplished” front-runner mindset that affects other DFW sports teams.  That’s right … instead of continuing their relentless pursuit of mining radio gold, they’ve decided to spend a few days in Cabo.  This exclusive picture taken yesterday shows Doanwanna Poopoo (left) and Jerusalem Jackson (right) lounging in a plush Cabo villa, with no streaming radio devices in sight.  It appears they were also accompanied by a belching, flatulent Jessica Simpson.

Will this trip revitalize them in their quest to win the best blog award next year, or will they suffer a quick first-round playoff exit?  Only time will tell….

…I’m kidding, of course.  Those boys are taking a well-deserved vacation and will be back shortly.  The rest of us will try to keep the car out of the ditch while they’re away.

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  1. Human, Internets
    October 10, 2010 09:53 Reply

    Huh. That doesn’t sound gay at all.

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