The Ticket Mouse Visits The Musers

The Ticket Mouse -

Seems the Ticket Mouse has been on a ‘little’ vacation for a while. Just like me …

He revisits the Musers and after a little trouble getting up to the mic, he talked about his life expectancy.

Who knew he had a relative doing the Ticket top 10??

Then laughter ensues after a story about Norm and an egg fart.

Good JUB belly laughing, especially after the mention of Rhyner’s ‘starfish’.

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  1. kelly
    October 08, 2009 11:35 Reply

    by far the hardest i have laughed in a LONG time!!! Ticket Mouse…oh my!!! Thanks guys!

  2. Human, Internets
    October 09, 2009 02:42 Reply

    It amazes me how much this cracks Jah up.

    • October 09, 2009 17:21 Reply

      yeah, when he thinks it’s funny, he gets big jub laughs

  3. Stephanie
    October 14, 2009 20:38 Reply

    I moved to Norman, OK 6 years ago and this is just one example why I miss this station so much. I had to drive down to Denton last week and I heard this and I laughed so hard I was crying on I-35.

  4. P1 Todd
    December 19, 2009 07:04 Reply

    What is the music played at the end of this? After they paddle the Ticketmouse..Thanks This makes me cry everytime I hear it.

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