The New Death Star Stadium – Texas Stadium

Jerry’s World, Texas Stadium, Game Day Stadium, Cowboys Stadium, The Deathstar, Death Star, Cowboys Death Star, Arlington Cowboy’s Stadium, Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium, Cowboy’s Stagium, Stagia, Ron Washington’s Home, God’s Stadium, America’s Team Stadium … just some of the names of where the best NFL franchise/team, the Dallas Cowboys will now call home.

The Ticket, aka 1310 AM Sporting News Radio, got hooked on this name “The Death Star” and you could tell they started really pushing the name to make it stick. After Jerry dropped the Ticket for the Fan, then the Fan pushed Jerry to drop George Dunham for Kerry Von Erich or Terry Gordy…whatever his name is, they decided to get even by putting their own name on the stadium. So spread the word… the Dallas Cowboys play at the new Death Star Stagium.

Death Star Stadium

Death Star Stadium

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  1. September 18, 2009 19:35 Reply

    It would be better if the PA announcer was either Kerry Von Erich or Terry Gordy XD

    Good thing it’s not Shane Douglas or Iron Sheik though, with all the F-bombs and S-bombs that would be coming over the PA system if either one of those two were the announcer.

  2. September 18, 2009 21:36 Reply

    I kinda get it. It was under construction for the past few years, like the Death Star was during most of Star Wars IV. But “Death Star” is kind of unimaginative. The Ticket can do better than kiping pop cultural references that don’t really fit. They can push “Death Star” all they want, and it will stick for awhile, but it won’t stick much beyond the station, and eventually, they’ll drop it.

  3. ERTx
    September 29, 2009 05:22 Reply

    I agree with “The Plainsman comments above. The Ticket doesn’t realize that most Cowboy fans are picking up on The Ticket’s bias against the team. Norm is the only reason I listen to that station.

  4. September 29, 2009 08:29 Reply

    I’ve actually talked to a couple of friends, one in California and another on the East Coast. I asked them if they had heard any nicknames for the new Cowboys stagium. Pal in Cali heard the “Death Star” and friend out east said he wasn’t sure, but after I mentioned the “Death Star”, he said he does remember hearing it somewhere.

    It’s not really about the fans here in town, b/c P1’s know the bit. It’s all the other sports stations around the nation who look up to the ticket and use their schtick on their own stations. It’s exactly what happened in Cali…a local sports station who my buddy said is a ticket wanna be talks about them occasionally.

    The power of the ticket is bigger than we realize.

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