The Killer Gets Kicked In The Nuts

A Silent Killer

One of the ticket’s favorite underrated personalities, The Killer, shocked BaD Radio and The Hardline when he decided to follow in the Ticket underling footsteps of Jake/TC and Mike Marshall/Kevin Turner and start his own podcast.  It makes sense that Killer would want to do this, after all, it’s great practice and could help him with his budding broadcasting career (examples here, here, here and here)…but it seems the Killer might be doing this for seedier reasons.


The Hardline and BaD Radio give their honest assessments of the show, which can be found hereI’d post pictures of hisHis co-host Kristin Feledy, or “K-Feled” is pictured to the right. Thanks to @mkiraly for the link to her facebook. (P1’s always win Killer…POW)

I encourage UnP1’s to ask Killer for this information via his twitter feed.

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