The Fake Jason Kidd Song Catalog


Mike Rhyner requested the fake Jason Kidd song catalog be played for the 8:40 bit.

Although Gordo doesn’t care for it much, he played them.

  1. Mos’ Definitely
  2. Finding Oliver Tonight
  3. Glad I’m Outta Dallas
  4. An Open Mind and a Willing Heart
  5. Jason Kidd Ankle Song
  6. Dancing Queen
  7. Finley Fascination

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  1. Gonzo
    July 03, 2009 04:31 Reply

    Simply greatness. A trip to the glory days of The Ticket. They don’t do it like this anymore.

  2. rstorm12
    July 03, 2009 11:36 Reply

    They did play Finley Fascination coming out of the break after the 8:40 segment. I would love to hear it again if you could get it. That has always been my favorite.

    • July 03, 2009 13:12 Reply

      @rstorm12 – Yeah, my recording had stopped right as they were coming back, so I missed it.

      I’m trying to get it.

  3. Joshua
    July 03, 2009 19:06 Reply

    That Finley Fascination song is a track on one of the ticket CDs. I think from like 2002 … ?

  4. Richie Whitt'a Merkin Is Slipping
    July 03, 2009 23:09 Reply

    I have it – give me an email address and I’ll send it in!

  5. SB
    May 23, 2011 22:42 Reply

    I would really like to hear Mos’ Definitely. I think of it EVERY time I see #2.

  6. vik
    June 07, 2013 09:51 Reply

    Anyone got finding oliver tonight?

    • June 07, 2013 16:39 Reply

      it’s in the audio player, just click play and you’ll hear it

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