Stay Hard, Chewbacsik

Well, it looks like Mike Bacsik’s stint in the radio major leagues has come to an end, if Horny Barry is right:

Whether or not you agreed with his HSO’s, his pronunciation of “Pittsburgh” as “Pickthberg”, his love of Miley Cyrus music, his mowing down of Team Musers in the 2009 great game, his constant shooting off of Norm’s wheels, or his passion-to-a-fault for the Mammericks, his brief tenure with Norm invokes the following touching off-mike tribute:

“Stay Hard, Chewbacsik!”


  1. Jacob
    April 28, 2010 11:18 Reply

    As a hispanic individual myself, I have no hard feelings. I’m sorry things ended poorly for him.

    We’ll always have the classic Bacsik giggle. 🙂

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