MushMouth Visits ! ! !


Thought I’d never hear this on the Musers again! So glad they gave him another chance.

MushMouth had some sports opinions, but he says he’s going to college.

Thank goodness Jah and Junior understands him because it’s not easy to make out what he’s saying.

Shockingly, MushMouth watched the olympics and had crazy thoughts about some of the athletes.

Tasers ensued.

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  1. Sparky
    March 02, 2010 11:18 Reply

    Such greatness. My wife is a semi-recent Ticket listener (last couple of years) so I had to try to explain the Burrito Jimmy/Mush Mouth characters. Good luck on that. Sounds even more insane than it already is.

  2. Hey Dil!
    March 03, 2010 15:35 Reply

    That’s the funniest shit I’ve heard in awhile. Gordo is a genius!

  3. elmerwayne
    March 04, 2010 00:48 Reply

    Mushmouth needs to have own segment EVERY WEEK.

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