MushMouth Talks About Rangers Opening Day

mushmouthAlthough he comes in without a leash, Junior and Jah were each given a taser.

MushMouth talks baseball and he’s quite the genius…

Of course, MushMouth gets out of control a few times and AM Courage boys has a few “Don’t taze me, bro” moments.

I can only imagine what first time listeners think if they tune into this one specific segment!! It’s SOOO outrageous, but so freakin hilarious.

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  1. Mung
    April 05, 2010 12:59 Reply

    Oh man. I missed it this morning so now my coworkers got to hear me snorting in my cube. Too funny.

  2. April 05, 2010 14:30 Reply

    I had a ticket-streaming radio malfunction and missed the 8:40 segment today. This was brilliant…I love MushMouth saying “It’s cool” after getting tazed…

  3. JEFF Q
    April 05, 2010 15:10 Reply

    That certainly was a viscious rant MM went on.

  4. David
    April 05, 2010 15:32 Reply

    Thanks for posting this! Mushmouth is fast becoming my favorite Ticket character.

  5. jchap
    April 05, 2010 18:27 Reply

    More Mushmouth!!

  6. Samuel L Jackson
    April 07, 2010 18:25 Reply

    Viscious rant indeed. I still can’t believe he said that on the air. Mushmouth is a good.

  7. April 15, 2010 22:57 Reply

    “you made my nipples shoot milk”.

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