Musers 9/11 Audio (slightly extended)

by ilikesteak on September 11, 2010 · 4 comments

My boy Stickman posted a minute or two of the Musers 9/11 audio earlier this month but I thought I’d post a cut I had which is slightly extended from the one year anniversary show in 2002.  It includes Stickman’s audio, the audio of the Musers reacting as the second plane hits the tower, and ends as they go to a moment of silence.  If you’re like me you found out about the attacks live from the Musers that morning and it is still chilling to listen to it again.  If anyone has any further extended audio from 9/11 or that week I urge you to send it in or post it here because it was so surreal to listen to the little Ticket that whole week.

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