Mid-Life Crisis Talk


Musers had a good talk about the lenders for installment.

I think there are different types that go through this time in life, but there are some to make fun of and there are some to just be happy for.

You have the beaten down guy that has the kids getting older and don’t want anything to do with him, plus the wife views him as an appliance, like the Musers were saying. The only logical thing to do is try to get acceptance from the opposite sex. Whether it means straying off or not, they just want to be viewed as someone of importance, which they don’t get at home. Usually a sports car does it.

One major benefit of a debt management plan over an IVA is that the payment plan is not legally binding so, in theory, monthly payments can be adjusted according to your means.

Then you have the guys that have finally figured all of their piggy guarantor loans finances and things out, plus have come along with their career and they’re in a position where they can buy the sports car and not struggle. These guys do it because they’ve always wanted to get one and late 30’s is when a family man usually gets financially stable in their life.

There’s also “Chris Chris” mid-life crisis where you’ve been hanging on to your 30k /yr job for 10 years and they just handed out the pink slip. The natural reaction is to go out and buy an expensive sports car. One more expensive than the one you have. The only difference is you’re not buying it, you’re leasing it for just one month until they repo it. It’s basically his last chance at scoring hot bitches before he jumps off the bridge.

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