Major Ticket Announcement – Really?

They’ve kind of turned these “major ticket announcements” into the same class as their text messages that tell you of something that is happening on air that really happened 30 minutes to an hour ago. Is the Ticket playing baseball ‘really’ a major ticket announcement? I used to get excited to hear what they were going to say but now I really don’t try to tune in to hear them.

Anyhow, they’re going to do the “Great Game” again. The 3rd year of the Musers vs the Hardliners.

I just happened to get the exclusive on their uniforms this year and I think you’ll be impressed! Click on the images to see the full version. Created from the old team photo.

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  1. E
    March 19, 2010 17:45 Reply

    Everyone know this was gonna happen right? Not a major. Wish the compound would happen again.

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