Gordo Loves Animals … (dead?)

String of Rat Murders

After much request for today’s Corner, along with a little pressure from GK himself, figured I better post it promptly. It actually was a roller coaster of a ride with the P1 stories of putting their pets down and it going horribly wrong. Which led into George talking about putting his dogs down and Gordo trying to pull him offsides.

Poor Wabbit

Then the fun started back up with Gordo talking about all the animals he’s “off’d” during his time as an animal hitman. The killing of animals is never fun to talk and laugh about but I found myself laughing at how he killed 4 animals. Of course, the input of the other guys made it funnier.

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  1. McMung
    March 04, 2011 12:19 Reply

    Anyone else having trouble with this audio link?

  2. McMung
    March 04, 2011 12:55 Reply

    Nevermind. I was just me.

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