George Dunham – No Longer Cowboys Stadium PA Voice

p-480-320-69ea61fd-0165-4248-b056-6a3d5982d600Tuned in for WTDS and caught the end of their segment with Commander Dunham, aka Ja, aka VSBB, aka JUB JUB.

It appears the Cowboys camp has decided to let the ex PA of the past Texas Stadium go from his duties of being the voice fans hear.

They were talking about how maybe the FAN negotiated JUB out of the PA seat with their new contract as the home of the Dallas Cowboys starting this coming season.

Personally, I think this is the second firing of Tom Landry from the Cowboys. The Tom Landry of Public Addressing. It’s the voice we are all familiar with and the one they’ll have a hard time replacing.

I hope whoever replaces Georgie, fails…and fails miserably. Matter of fact, Cowboy fans, when you’re at the game and the new PA guy starts to talk, let’s boycott and start BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ing. Only BOOOOOOO when he speaks. When he stops, start BOOOOOOOO’ing again.

Sorry George “Commander” Dunham!

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  1. Andy
    July 11, 2009 17:13 Reply

    Right there with you on the thought of this is the worst firing since Tom Landry. If I have to listen to Humble Billy at another metroplex sports venue, I will throw up. Let’s unleash the power of the Ticket on Jerry! I think that this website needs to organize an e-mail campaign to the Cowboys. (It would damage The Ticket’s working relationship with the Cowboys if the actual radio station organized it.) Every Ticket listener should e-mail the Cowboys and let them know that you are unhappy about Georgio’s firing and it might help to mention that you are boycotting spending any money with the Cowboys organization. (Money gets Jerry’s attention.)

  2. July 13, 2009 13:02 Reply

    no doubt @Andy. Hit him where it hurts

  3. Horton
    July 19, 2009 18:27 Reply

    Couldnt be happier! Maybe his ego will get fired along with his PA job!

  4. Pete Bluem
    November 22, 2009 13:03 Reply

    Please !!! Murphy Martin was the voice of Texas Stadium and the Cotton Bowl. George came in after Martin in 99. The Ticket is old and stupid radio. The Fan and ESPN will kick them right off the air. Jody Dean will do good but the best was Murphy Martin !!!

  5. November 23, 2009 10:48 Reply

    @Pete Bluem – you said “The Ticket is old and stupid radio. The Fan and ESPN will kick them right off the air”. Let me make a couple easy observations for ya…

    1. The Ticket is the highest rating sports talk station around here, hands down.

    2. If the FAIL and ESPN merged, they still couldn’t reach the top spot. The numbers don’t lie.

    3. If The Ticket is old and dumb, what’s that make you for being on this site and making comments about it? dumb? horny? jealous? old?

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