Fake Norm Talks With Corby Davidson

norm-vedder-hitzgesFake Norm laughs his way through a conversation with Corby.

He asks who his idol was growing up, which Corby says Billy Simms.

Norms idol was Eddie Vedder and loves Pearl Jam.

Then he talks of Corby’s upcoming marriage (old audio) and brings up getting strange in stalls.

Then Norm follows it up with a childhood trip story . . .

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  1. TheAnus
    January 13, 2010 19:52 Reply

    What song is playing when Norm is telling his coked out beach bum story?

  2. TheAnus
    February 09, 2010 08:16 Reply

    Visitor to The Unticket from the future – the song is Jimi Hendrix’s Third Stone from the Sun.

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