Fake Jon Kitna Talks To Musers


The Musers spoke with the new backup QB of the Dallas Cowboys, Jon Kitna.

For the Cowboys fan, we all remember his smartass remarks about the Cowboys defense after the Lions beat the Boys a couple of years ago.

I didn’t forget and will never forget. I’m not a fan and hope he breaks his leg.

The Fake Kitna, however, should come back a time or two.

(PS. Fuk you Redskins fans. You Redskins queers spend more time hating on the Cowboys as you do your own shitty team. In case they don’t give you guys a decent education, only Jerry Jones let TO and Kitna or any other players on the team. Fans have zero say-so. Unless the foreskins run things differently, you idiots have no say-so in who they hire either. You guys will be the last in our division this year. )

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