E-Brake – 4.2.10

Emergency Brake of the Week – 4.2.10

  • Norm Introduction Confusion
  • Rhynes & Corby fumble
  • Gordo Goes Blank

The voting was epic. George & Junior hate it, but the P1’s love it! Junior sounds like such an old man complaining. The one segment on the Ticket the P1’s get to have fun with like the old days and here’s Spank trying to rip it out. What happened to being the AM “Courage” Boys, Spank?

Congrats to George’s Penile Implant for the win.

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  1. Sports Panties
    April 02, 2010 12:06 Reply

    I agree with Craig & George. While I love the e-brake segment, I can’t stand the trying too hard callers, with their terrible “impressions” and the stale “(insert something stupid) George” nicknames. They need to take it away from the callers for a while.

  2. Cory
    April 02, 2010 14:37 Reply

    That woman that called in and voted for Gordo last makes me want to slap Susan B. Anthony across the face.

  3. VSBB
    April 02, 2010 17:31 Reply

    I’m going to stick with DP here. It’s one segment a week, and it lasts for what four-six minutes if that? Just lighten up Courage Boys, it’s all in fun and jest. Chill out.

  4. Kyle
    April 02, 2010 18:35 Reply

    was anyone else noticing the choppy audio? It was a bit annoying but i dont know if it was the website or my computer

    • April 05, 2010 11:13 Reply

      @Kyle – it was my recording…sorry. “Don’t taze me, bro!”

  5. Joshua in Plano
    April 03, 2010 07:10 Reply

    First off, how come there aren’t more Muse in the News segments posted? Like that literally baffles me. Ticket segments go in this order imo, Muse in the News>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gordo’s Corner>>>>>>>WTDS>>>E-News>>>O-Deck>>Community Quick Hits>>8:40 bit>>>>>What’s on Mike’s mind?>>>>>>>>BAD Radio segments

    So why no Musing in the News? I’ve scrolled all the way back to October and listened to everything and only heard 1 Muse in the News. Also if possible it would be cool if you had something at the bottom of the page that said something like previous entries oldest 1 2 3 4 5> 10> 15> 20 newest etc like alot of other sites have so you don’t have to click previous entries 100 times to get to something from May 09.

    As far as the E-brake goes if they cut out the callers I’ll stop listening to the segment. Thats the only thing worth listening to. And why rail on the callers for sucking? The segment itself sucks if its left naked. George goes back what maybe 36 hrs to look for e-brakes. Most of them are weak and unfunny without the P1 trying to spice them up. If they want the callers to take the segment seriously maybe they should and actually review the entire Ticket week (like the time Danny put a band down on the concert calendar at 10am b/c thats when their tickets went on sale. that would of been a PERFECT e-brake. You think it had a snowball’s chance in hell of making the ebrake though? Hell no, b/c it happened on a Friday afternoon) So please spare me about the e-brake. Boring ass callers calling in with Yes thank you Musers, I’d like to vote for Norm have a good one, would blow!

    • April 05, 2010 11:12 Reply

      @Joshua in Plano – why would it baffle you that Muse in the News isn’t listed daily? I do this site when I can and try to get help with posting more, but it’s very time consuming doing what I actually do, do. (insert beavis saying “you said doo doo”) Truthfully, I’d love to post all great segments but not only do I not have the time, but posting each segment from every day turns this site into a complete archive of audio that would take massive storage, which costs massive money and since I pay for this site out of my pocket and it doesn’t earn a penny, it just doesn’t make sense financially. Hope that helps explain and maybe one day we’ll be there, but for now, it’s hit and miss.

      regarding the page numbers…thanks for bringing that to my attention. It used to be there so I’m guessing a recent plugin upgrade wiped out that shit. I’ll look to get it fixed. On a side note, you can choose the archives option on the right side menu and look through by month, or just do a search. But I’ll get the page numbers back up asap.

      Either way, thanks for the input and if you ever want to help us on theunticket.com, we’re always looking for more authors to post audio and whatnot.

  6. April 03, 2010 11:12 Reply

    I kinda agree with Sports Panties, some people try too hard, and the ones that try to get shock value just get dumped and kill the delay. It’s fun for us to do, and to listen to, but these guys do still have a job to do. Screenless is my favorite part of any day, there’s got to be some way we can reach a middle-ground.

  7. April 03, 2010 13:38 Reply

    As someone who’s made the mistake of letting things get to me too easily and not being able to take a joke at times, the AM Courage Boys need to lighten up a bit.

    And for you good P1s who want your voice heard, I’ve started up a Facebook group for P1s that want to encourage the Musers to continue to allow P1 voting.


  8. April 03, 2010 13:40 Reply

    Whoops, link didn’t work. Let’s see if this one does:


  9. Cobby
    April 04, 2010 14:54 Reply

    I completely agree with the greatness of rolling screenless. I miss the days of the 2 minute drill on the Hardline.

  10. Ticketmouse
    April 05, 2010 23:14 Reply

    I wouldn’t mind helpIng post audio every once and a while. Lemme know dp

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