Corby and Shaq double-team Ted Williams.

If you weren’t familiar with Corby interviewing Shaq, and the ensuing shenanigans — you probably wouldn’t be looking for this to begin with. Anyway, the Boston Celtics came to Dallas on November 8th. During the last interview with Shaq as an NBA player, they plow through the picture-seeking fans, and find an empty room. If you didn’t already know that 1310 The Ticket was  the best sports talk radio station in the country, just listen to the questions that the Snake presented to Shaq-diesel.

To win the title this season, you have to:

  • Is everything OK? Are you all right? Health-wise, are you OK? What did you do to your knee? Who were you fucking? Who was doggy-styling you?
  • Would you skull-fuck Ted Williams’ frozen head inside Fenway Park to win the title?
  • You and Robert Parrish have to smoke weed together , while Kevin McHale ____ ___ in the corner for a ring.
  • You have to hold a press conference and says that Boston would be a lot cooler if there weren’t so many white people there.
  • You have to go up to Larry Bird and ask him if the ugly gene came from his mom or his dad.
  • You and Big Papi have to have a stool contest called “Big Poopie” to see who can produce the biggest mass in one setting.
  • You have to double-team the two ugliest Harvard girls with Bill Belichick.
  • You’re gonna win a 5th ring, but you have to tell Boston that you are doing it to win the 5 rings – one for every black guy that actually lives within the city.
  • If you guys win in Dallas, you have to say that the reason you beat the Mavs is because they totally lost their heads, just like Kennedy did here in Dallas 47 years ago.

Before Deadspin gets a hold of this, keep in mind that these two have been going back and forth for nearly ten years. It’s understood that everything is a joke, and that anyone that takes offense to this is just doing it wrong. Shaq has on several occasions asked Corby to co-host a show with him.

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