Campound Night 2 – Deep Night Ticket – 5.5.16

The Stars game went into OT and the Campound didn’t get started until 11:45 pm, but the result was Deep Night Ticket at its very best. Almost every host drunk with lots of callers, Mike’s power half hour, Gordo going on about placenta, Corby asking odd questions and telling Donovan to turn off his jungle music, a late call from Danny, Cray Trey providing some great drops and a bunch of Corby and Mike slurs that are soon to be new drops. If you only have time to listen to one thing from the Campound this is it.

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  1. Drew
    May 06, 2016 20:05 Reply

    Need help please. Sound only plays for a few seconds then no audio. Is there anyway I can download to my computer? Download link only opens a new window

    • sportsgreek
      May 07, 2016 22:19 Reply

      Just right click on the the title and save as.

  2. Callen
    May 08, 2016 13:17 Reply

    Trying to stream on my phone and keeps replaying the first couple of minutes. Any advice?

  3. Mike
    May 09, 2016 12:43 Reply

    Tried the right click. I just get a copy of teh webpage again.

    • sportsgreek
      May 15, 2016 14:38 Reply

      Right click on the file you want in the list (ignore the download button) and “save as”.

  4. Chris
    May 14, 2016 07:55 Reply

    Same here. Junior says “another two hours” and it keeps going back to start. Download link messed up, too.

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