Best of The Ticket at Super Bowl 48

Monday 1/27/14:

Corby Wireless


Corby and Danny fight with Mike over the Grammys.


Tuesday 1/28/14:

Guy Sports


Biggest Show


Gordo Wireless with some stupid bitch.


Corby Wireless


Corby media day interviews.


Wednesday 1/29/14:

Gordo talks to Chris Berman.


Gordo Wireless


Dan angers Darryl Strawberry.


Corby Wireless


Mike media day interviews.


Corby talks to some broad.


Thursday 1/30/14:

Musers UFO talk.


Gordo Wireless


George joins Badd Radio to talk about their outdoor hockey experience.


Corby Wireless




Repro Man


More of Mike’s weird media day interviews.


Corby talks to the same broad again.


Friday 1/31/14:

The Emergency Brake of the Week

  • Dan upsets Darryl Strawberry
  • Norm’s gassy feet
  • Hardline technical fail


George joins Badd Radio for a game show.


Obvious Man with some Norm fart post game.


Redundant Man


Corby goes wireless to talk to that girl again plus some more Norm fart fallout.


Monday 2/3/14:

George’s challenge to go 2 days without making any Ticket references plus SB ads talk.


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  1. Seth
    February 19, 2014 18:50 Reply

    Wow thank you! Was gonna go individually find the good segments from the archvies

  2. RockoJohno
    November 18, 2017 02:55 Reply

    what a gold mine!!

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