Best of Drydock: Enco Big Dig (Sirois, Rhads, Grubes)


Dig Up, Stupid

Ok, before everyone runs away screaming “NOO, DRYDOCK BLOWS!”, take a second to read this post.  Mike Sirois had a small stroke (of genius) for his drydock fill-in show with Rhads: explain some of the many drops that Grubes plays during BaD Radio and The Hardline.  Simple, but genius…they explained the origin of many drops, including:

  • Bob Sturm: “I rear-ended a gentleman”
  • Doug ‘Doogie’ Anderson: “C’MOOOONNN!”
  • Norm: “He’s Black”
  • Fake J-Kidd: “No, not really”
  • Norm: “To Nancy”
  • Barry Switzer: “My Gawd”
  • Hong Kong Paul: “Mmm-hmm/Oh-kayy”
  • Norm Hitzges: “Weeellll!”
  • Old Man: “I got enough on my mind; I don’t need your BS”
  • Expo: “Somebody go, gawd almighty, f*ck!”
  • Rhyner: “Shut up, Bitch!”
  • Rhyner: “My sister’s stinky box”
  • Rhyner: “Stupid Bitch”
  • Danny: “I’ve got a flask in my car…”
  • Norm: “Black Man, White Bitch”
  • Norm: “No, No, No, No, Never, Never, No, Never”
  • Norm: “Drill him in the Butt!”
  • Norm: “I’m sorry, that’s it!”
  • Tyler: “And that’s why today doesn’t suck”
  • Gordo: “SPOTES!”
  • Johnny Showtime: “I will beat yo ass!”
  • Corby: “That slut that I married”
  • Danny: “Ever see a guy with a fake head?”
  • Chuck Morgan: “And kids, please do not jar.”
  • Antwan Dobson: “You are really dumb!”
  • Jimmy Kimmel: “Boy, that’s uh…that’s a tough thing”
  • Fake Norm: “Well, f!ck me!”
  • Danny: “By the way, worst E-news ever!”
  • Jake Kemp: “I dunno man, I just think space is super gay!”
  • Jake Kemp: “Some old f!ck!”
  • Danny: “Get your ass hung up on now, you idiot!”
  • Jason Walker: “Craaaane”
  • Mushmouth Thomas: “YOU HEAR ME?!”
  • Rhynes: “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and you’re done.”
  • Fake Randy Galloway: “Riiight”

The segments were made better by guest appearances from Expo and Jake-Z, as well as multiple historical assists from Joe Lecci.  Have a listen, but be warned, it’s an hour long (and was a bitch to splice together).

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  1. Hurricane Latarian
    January 05, 2011 23:01 Reply

    Thank you a million times over for posting this. I only caught a few minutes of it and wanted to listen to the rest.

  2. Mike Sirois
    January 05, 2011 23:22 Reply

    AP, you guys just do a great job slicing and dicing all this shit. Thanks to you and yours and his.

    • January 06, 2011 06:34 Reply

      Aww….keep doing good stuff on the radio, and we’ll keep baby-birding it up here for ya pal.

  3. January 06, 2011 09:24 Reply

    AP is an audio ninja.

    • January 06, 2011 10:06 Reply

      If I’m an audio ninja, and you’re UnTicket Jeebus, then what does that make Poop?

  4. Juan Openings
    January 06, 2011 09:36 Reply

    MY GAhD! This is pure Ticket Greatness!
    Thanks, AP! You have just been elected my leader. If not for the unticket, I don’t know if I’d be surviving my move out West.
    STAY HARD, Brothaaaaaaa!

  5. P1inHouston
    January 06, 2011 10:07 Reply

    Awesome awesome awesome. I was really hoping you’d get this on the site. Being in Houston sucks but thanks to this website and the Ticket it sucks less.

  6. Not that Bob
    January 06, 2011 10:26 Reply

    Great post. Thanks. I had not heard that Burrito Jimmy bit in awhile. I laughed so hard at that.

  7. January 06, 2011 10:38 Reply

    I guess that’d make DP the Gatekeeper of UnTicket Greatness.

  8. January 06, 2011 10:45 Reply

    a turd

  9. January 06, 2011 10:49 Reply

    you’ve really shown us all up with this post, AP. I’m 30 minutes in and even though I know the origin of most all these drops, I’m enjoying the re-telling of the stories.

    • January 06, 2011 10:51 Reply

      thanks poop, just trying to earn my keep! *wink*

  10. Sparky
    January 06, 2011 11:13 Reply

    Nice stuff, boys, as always.

    I heard what could be the best ever Norm drop when he and JJT were filling in for the Musers last week — he was talking about how some school had really shit the bed in their bowl game a couple of years ago. And how he described it was “Why don’t you lie down and let me pee all over you for 3 hours?” It sounded clean, and I am shocked that I haven’t heard it again. Did anyone else hear that or remember when it happened so maybe we can find it?

  11. Samuel L Jackson
    January 06, 2011 11:16 Reply

    I heard that too! I remember thinking oh man, this will be a good one. Anxious to hear it again.

    • January 06, 2011 11:20 Reply

      I remember that — Even JJT said ‘mark’. I might have snapped it; let me check…anyone remember the date?

  12. Sparky
    January 06, 2011 11:23 Reply

    Hrmmm.. my best guess would be Wed., Dec. 29. I’d say about 9:00 a.m. or so?

  13. Sparky
    January 06, 2011 11:50 Reply

    Greatness. The fact that we haven’t heard that yet on the air makes me wonder if Norm pulled rank and told them not to use it as a drop…

  14. Samuel L Jackson
    January 06, 2011 16:08 Reply

    Awesome! And no, I don’t mind. Wink.

  15. P1Steven
    January 06, 2011 16:13 Reply

    The interview with the Sacramento had my side splitting. Are there more of those?

  16. Texan in Chicago
    January 06, 2011 16:59 Reply

    From the comforts of my office high above the downtown Chicago Loop, I have been dying laughing at the “fake head” quote all afternoon. Must have listened to it 30 times by now and passed it along to coworkers who don’t even know what the Ticket is or where Dallas is. Probably the funniest moment ever on the Ticket. Corby’s reaction is priceless. All I’ve done this afternoon is try to picture someone WITH a fake head. Man I love you guys.

  17. P1 Boggan Daigle
    January 07, 2011 02:05 Reply

    Dude, Ive listened to this site forever(even if I do end up hearing audio for the second time that day) but for some reason have never felt compelled to comment….until now. Im sure this required so much editing, and it all came out kick ass. Long live the Unticket.

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