BaD Radio Presents: BigFoot Man

Benevolent Bigfoot

Don't worry, I'm not *totally* covered in hair...*wink*

[Note — I was supposed to post this yesterday.  It’s the precursor to the interview below.  I’m soooreeeeeee!]

Every so often, BaD Radio picks up on breaking news that’s too good to pass up.  Not because the story itself is relevant (see leprechauns, okie noodling, king of kong, etc), but because the characters involved are radio gold generating machines.  Enter Tim Peeler, from some mountain region in North Carolina.  Sturm and Drong did a BaD Radio report about him yesterday, and 4th string producer Intern managed to book him for today (See previous post for that gold).

BaD Radio Reports from July 8th:

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