BaD Radio – More Aggressniff Audio

This dog is aggressniff.

You would think the word “Aggressive” (or “Aggressiveness”) wouldn’t be that hard to pronounce, but people keep getting it wrong.  And when they do, BaD Radio is there to make sure P1’s know about it. Yesterday, Mike Mayock was inducted into the Aggressniff hall of fame.

Bonus – I didn’t edit out the clip of Joe Buck/Troy Aikman calling Andy Reid a fatass.

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  1. Jimmy
    January 11, 2011 18:57 Reply

    Hahahh thanks for posting this. I love this segment!

  2. Ryno
    January 11, 2011 22:53 Reply

    I just listened to that as I was about to go to sleep and now I am wide awake cause I was laughing so hard… Deion is the best by far… “degressive”

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