WTDS – 11.6.09


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  1. Chris
    November 06, 2009 16:58 Reply

    Wanna start posting Concert Calendars as well?

  2. November 06, 2009 17:55 Reply

    not really. if you want to, I’ll be happy to give you a login to do so.

    otherwise, they’ll tell you when danny and rhyner’s bands are playing all week if you forget.

  3. Dale
    November 07, 2009 19:48 Reply

    concert calendar would be a nice addition. assuming the audio would work……

  4. November 09, 2009 13:33 Reply

    i struggle to keep up with what i do post…plus concert calendar happens late friday and i’ve already mailed it in for the week.

    but yeah, it would be a great addition. there’s lots of weekly audio that could be added, just can’t keep up with it all.

    one side note, there’s audio on the unticket radio that isn’t posted on the site


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