Training Camp Golf Bet 2015

If you listened to the Ticket at all this week there’s no doubt you heard something about a golf bet that Corby and Craig lost to George and Bob. If you didn’t, here’s all the audio you need to get caught up. Or if you’re pressed for time you can just watch the video.

8/3: Gordo’s Corner – Corby joins the show and they introduce the bet. Craig and Corby have to sing a song to the biggest, blackest Cowboys player they can find.


8/4: Musers join the Hardline for the bet payoff song selection.


8/5: The bet payoff on the Musers. Corby and Craig sing Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” to Cowboys DT Terrell McClain.


8/5: The Hardline version of the payoff with some post game.

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