Ticket Top 10 – White Elephant Day

For anyone seeking a one-stop White Elephant sampler here’s the Ticket Top 10 from last night. Most of these clips are available in their entirety in the archives.

10. Gordo/Corby/Sean mix
9. George Muse in the News
8. Rich’s love for metal
7. Gordo takes calls
6. Corby brag explanations
5. Bob/Rich/Ty wrestling quiz
4. Gordo’s Jimmy Kimmel story
3. Donovan’s top Norm meltdowns
2. Dan “Inception” ticker + Craig “Flesh for Fantasy” ticker
1. Fake Norm’s letter to Santa

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  1. Fake Conrad
    December 06, 2012 09:47 Reply

    Hey there P1’s! Sportsradio 1310 the Ticket says!

    There is no way Norm’s letter was number 1. It wasn’t funny last year and it wasn’t funny this year. I love you madly Gordo, but no.

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