The #MusersMallWalk Saga

The #MusersMallWalk Saga

Last week, the Musers took part in what may be the greatest Ticket bit of all time, by hosting a mall walk at Northpark every day after the show ended. It was a huge success, dozens of P1’s turned out, and we finally got to connect some names with faces. But it was more than that, as you’ll learn that the mall walk was done in effort to raise funds for an important cause.


Part 1 (Tuesday, January 2, 2018):

It all started with a throw-away bet during the O-Deck…


Part 2 (Wednesday, January 3, 2018):

During the O-Deck the next day, things got more serious…


Part 3 (Monday, January 8, 2018):

The Musers hold pre-mall walk discussions during the O-Deck and Corner before the first day of mall walking…


Part 4 (Tuesday, January 9, 2018):

During the O-Deck and Corner the Musers review their first mall walk from the day before, including a touching audio montage…


Part 5 (Wednesday, January 10, 2018):

The Courage Boys review the previous day’s mall walk, plus host a live mall walk from the Corner until the end of the show, where we meet some familiar P1s, and hear from a special celebrity guest!


Part 6 (Thursday, January 11, 2018):

The Musers review activities from the previous day + a special announcement!


Part 7 (Friday, January 12, 2018):

The Musers prepare for their final day mall walking during the O-Deck, giving Junior, the one true Muser the credit he deserves + The Musers discuss mall walk security with Officer Foster.


Part 8 (Monday, January 15, 2018):

A quick wrap up of the previous week’s activities during the O-Deck.


Entire Week Montage (Over 2.5 Hours!)

A full version of all of these clips mixed together as one long one…


Some wonderful twitter tweets for your enjoyment!

(Yes, that’s Gene in Carrolton in front of George in the tweet above!)


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