“That’s What She Said” Goes Horribly Wrong – Snake Pit

Corby sits next to a nice young lady on his flight and within 20 seconds she gets to meet Snake Davidson.

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  1. Team G
    June 27, 2012 16:58 Reply


  2. Jerry's Hairpiece
    June 27, 2012 23:39 Reply

    I find that story to be both abrasive and over-the-top.

  3. Summer Sausage Fingers
    July 07, 2012 08:27 Reply

    There are serious problems with the timeline in this story. He was on his second round of drinks 20 minutes into a flight down I-35 to Austin or San Antonio? That’s a 1 hour flight. There is no way drink service would be that long.

    Fess up Corby – you embellished a great deal of this story.

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