That’s Just the Way UnTicket Go – Ron Washington Drop Montage

by AP on October 13, 2010 · 11 comments


I just think that's the way my hair grow.

The greatness of Grubes compiled a montage of Ron Washington drops for the P1.  Absolute Gold.  Good luck in the ALCS World Series, old school brotha!

  • We can play some baseball
  • Anyone that knows me, an’ the game of baseball, know what Ron Washington is about
  • Drop the antlers on ‘em
  • Drop the claw on ‘em
  • They’re a class ac’
  • Grow up (?)
  • I jus’ think tha’s the way my hair grow
  • I enjoy comin’ on the Ticket anytime I’m on it
  • Thank you for havin’ me on
  • Baseball-ball
  • I’m not surprised by anything Michael do
  • Thas the way baseball go
  • [Overmodulated Guffaw]
  • I don’ think he know where he is right now
  • Today is a great day for the Texas Rangers organization
  • Getch yer head ouch’er butt and less play baseball tomorrow
  • You never know, how bootyholes is gonna ac’
  • Iss funtime now
  • He’s knows – He know exactly what he capable of doin’
  • You know the Texas Rangers today do what they do
  • A surprise drop that I added in for funtime now!

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