Norm Talks Football With The Goose

Norm & GooseOne of Norm’s regular guest is Rick Gosselin, aka “Goose”.

Fake Goose is definitely a bit of a mind reader, as you’ll hear in this audio.

The Musers were able to hack in and get the recording and leak the golden conversation.

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  1. September 01, 2008 23:11 Reply

    this bit confuses me. aren’t both supposed to see the future?

    norm predicts the outcomes of races.

    goose predicts the outcomes of norm.

    Maybe they should just lay down some newspaper, roll around in it for a bit, get a lot of ink on their clothes and skin, and then just rip it all off and pound the meat, so to speak.

  2. September 01, 2008 23:15 Reply

    not sure about goose and norm. don’t they do the same thing, in a sense?
    norm predicts races and goose predicts norm.

    maybe they should predict their future together and just come out together.

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