New Audio

Been busy at the straight gig lately, but cut out a bunch of audio past couple of days, just haven’t posted. So for the latest, well, what I could get to, go to page and you can see what I’ve pulled from Musers for the week. Like Jakar Hamilton (hilarious), Big Black Cowboys Computer (will be doing mashup), Muser parties and other camp related audio.

I know good segments last couple of BaD Radio and Hardline, so if you have segments with date/time of day, comment below and I’ll get it all knocked out.

Thanks to Stickman for posting some older audio to keep things going.



  1. Sean
    August 03, 2013 14:32 Reply

    Thanks Man! Stay Hard!!

  2. Steve
    August 04, 2013 00:28 Reply

    Could we get the second wireless segment that Corby did with the Musers? They did it on August 26 around the 3:03:20 mark. Thanks!

  3. Matt
    August 08, 2013 14:47 Reply

    Corey’s Lagrimita y Costel segment in 5 o’clock hour on Friday August 2nd

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