Musers – Ask A Pilot Questions – Flight Simulators

Captain Lady Gordo

I mashed 3 segments into one long one here. They are:

  1. Ask a Pilot Questions
  2. George Fly’s Flight Simulator
  3. Gordo Fly’s Flight Simulator

Pilot segment is good because Musers ask all the questions we’ve always wanted to know the answers to (even though Cirque De Sirois had this segment before). George simulation gets things going with comments from the peanut gallery…and then notice the poor pilot’s attitude start to change when Gordo takes the driver seat. The constant calling of the flight attendants had me cracking up.

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  1. Sports Panties
    July 19, 2012 20:30 Reply

    Captain’s voice = slightly younger Jesse the Usher

    • Samuel L Jackson
      July 20, 2012 16:42 Reply

      Gagree. Has a sweet case of whistle speak.

    • musburger's flask
      July 28, 2012 20:15 Reply

      Outstanding observation, he does!

      “An engine fawr”

      I loved Gordo’s pilot imitations too, “Well folks if you look off to your right you can see Forney!”

      “Flight attendants, we have an engine fire, see if you can keep some peace back there”

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