Listen To Greggo “Hammer” Williams Now

As BabyArm posted below, The Hammer is back on the air and you can listen on your iPhonG with the stream he posted.

If you are on your computer and want to listen through your PC, go here:

It’s nice listening to good ole Hammer! Especially since it’s dry dock over at the Ticket. Although, BaD is on today during afternoon drive time. I heard Norm will be afternoons, but who knows.

Here’s good ole Richie Whitt’s post about Greggo’s new gig, which I’m sure he likes.

Quick Update…not sure if it’s happening to others, but the stream seems to have died. They went to commercial and I can’t get it to come back. Not just me either…they might need to restart something on their end.

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  1. dave
    December 31, 2009 09:46 Reply

    So when did Greggo get a lisp…

  2. dr dre
    January 01, 2010 20:15 Reply

    I haven’t heard Hammer sound this good in ages. Good for him. His side horse rolls well with him. Last name ‘Wolf’ WTF is that all about? Can Grey Wolf sue young wolf for trademark infringment? Irony…

  3. Paul in uh
    January 04, 2010 17:15 Reply

    just tuned in, and boy…he sounds great! i really hope this is the “real” comeback for ol’ hammer

  4. jeff
    February 04, 2010 07:54 Reply

    is that 4th rate radio station on the air?wtf the link don’t work.wheres greggo?

  5. Rob
    February 11, 2010 08:34 Reply

    Does anyone know if there’s a different link for that station? That one doesn’t work and I wanna hear this Hammer you speak of..

  6. David Robinson Also
    February 16, 2010 07:59 Reply

    What is the link for greggo in fstream?

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