Killer Kellison Takes On Gordo’s Role

Shadows Are Cool

Today the Musers had Killer on as the guest Gordo replacement. TC created quite the firestorm on Tuesday and then Dongovan stepped in yesterday, but everyone is used to hearing him.

Killer is one of the engineers and this was his first time to really do anything like this. Since the Ticket stream has absolutely sucked balls lately, I don’t have his O-Deck and Muse in the News is not complete. I commend Killer for stepping up to do this, but it was a little rough at times pal.

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  1. JAB (tomo)
    June 30, 2011 22:20 Reply

    The stream has definitely been damn near unbearable. Nice. Pic.

  2. Emo Phillips
    June 30, 2011 22:49 Reply

    Worst 8:40 bit ever. Sorry Killer.

  3. Christy
    June 30, 2011 22:49 Reply

    You know how some people think it’s charming of them or it’s a good idea to point out how nervous they are in certain situations? Or, some people think it’s a good idea to play up how nervous they are? Killer is one of those people – actually, lots of people who aren’t used to speaking on the radio do this, too, come to think of it a la TC – but he doesn’t realize he would come across a lot more favorably if he exuded confidence, instead.

  4. VSBB
    July 01, 2011 01:34 Reply

    The Kevin James interview whipped my ass more than Killer ever did. Kudos to the Killer for doing good fill in work. He’s got something, just not real sure what.

  5. Cobby
    July 01, 2011 17:59 Reply

    I agree with you Vaginal Slice. They sure were kissing his ass during that interview and his movies are all terrible.

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