Joe Buck Gives the Ticket a National Shout-Out

by AP on December 25, 2011 · 7 comments

Hawwwwt Dawwwwwg

Those of you that stuck with the Eagles drubbing of the Cowboys last night until the 4th quarter received a pleasant surprise – The Ticket’s own Joe Buck gave the little Ticket an extended shout-out.  I’m tracking down better quality video (tweet me a link at @ap_cdn, leave a comment here, or email dp -at- theunticket -dot- com), but in the meantime, P1 @DamonBerry sent this video in:

(I’m too stupid to embed YFrog videos, so click here…go on, I’ll wait)

Download Video

I’m going to step out on a limb and take a bit of credit for this – on Friday, I noticed Joe Buck was on twitter, so I started whipping him with Ticket-schtick questions, and he was replying to his entire audience.

Question 1: “@ap_cdn: @Buck – Any truth to the rumor that you have to stand on a stack of phone books when broadcasting next to @TroyAikman?”I am 6’1″

That worked out well, so I moved on to Question 2: “@ap_cdn: @Buck If you had to choose a favorite between KTCK’s Fake Jerry and Fake Wade, who wins?“like Sophie’s choice

That resulted in a nice increase in traffic directed to the little UnTicket, and I think it also put Gordo’s work at the forefront of Joe’s giant brain – So much, in fact, that Joe shared it with Fox’s Christmas Eve national audience with two minutes to go in the 4th quarter.  Operation “Tell A Friend About The Ticket” – Success.

Oh yeah, one more thing – during the game, Buck confirms his P1 status by issuing the following in-game tweet: “Jets giants game was on board now I don’t even see score in cowboys stajium. A lot riding on that one for how this game is played in texas”.  Now we just have to get him to work in the phrase “Deathstar”.

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